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The best covers for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus the Samsung

Phones larger Samsung are finally here. The Galaxy Note series has always included one of the phones of a larger size released each year and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus it’s no slouch, with a display Dynamic AMOLED screen is 6.8 inches which is huge, even in a world full of phones huge. But “big” is not necessarily synonymous with “solid” and the beautiful back glass of the Note 10 Plus it will not be beautiful for long if you experience a close encounter with the concrete or asphalt of your city. The price of the Note 10 Plus starts at $1,100 dollars for that… are you really going to oppose to buy some protection? Here gather some of the best covers for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and the Note 10 Plus 5G that will help you to keep it immaculate for longer.

fundas para el galaxy note 10 plus samsung rainbow back 768x768


fundas para el galaxy note 10 plus incipio best samsung cases 768x768

Are you looking for protection for fall? You’re in the right place. The brand Incipio is known for providing covers are thin and lightweight, protect well, despite their slender bodies, and now presents us with a laptop sleeve strong and lightweight which has been designed to work with the spectrum 5G. Sufficiently thin to not dull a complete the beauty of your device, the case Tran5form account with support for bands 5G of high and low frequency. And, despite being so thin, is extremely strong, providing protection in drops up to 1.5 meter. It is attractive and extremely protective. Does your disadvantage? It is a little on the pricey side: $40.


fundas para el galaxy note 10 plus kate spade best samsung cases 768x768

The Note 10 Plus is already an amazing phone, but you can’t always give a little more style. This case comes from the very chic brand Kate Spade New York and decorará your computer with a collection of flowers in white and black scattered throughout in a transparent carrying case. The effect is very striking and, if you think your phone needs a little sparkle, could be a good option. It also protects, to be a hard and flexible combat scratches, dings and dents, in addition to damage caused by falls. It is fully compatible with ultra-broadband 5G Verizon, so that is a good option for the Note 10 Plus 5G. Your price of $50 dollars is high.


fundas para el galaxy note 10 plus olixar best samsung cases 768x768

The protective sleeve can at times be bulky, cumbersome and, in the worst cases, very ugly. This is not the case here. The NovaShield from Olixar is constructed with a frame of thermoplastic polyurethane and its back is made of polycarbonate rigid, so it holds a variety of damage. Their air bags on the frame of thermoplastic polyurethane cushion falls and a raised edge protects the screen, while the panel of polycarbonate rigid is particularly effective against scrapes (in addition to being transparent, so that you can always see all your beautiful Note 10 Plus). With a cost of $14 dollars, it is also a bargain. Surely the edges of the black frame will not be to the liking of all, but it’s still a good cover.


fundas para el galaxy note 10 plus vrs designs best samsung cases 768x768

Any material announces shouting for his supreme quality as the genuine leather, if you want to give that feeling to your Note 10 Plus, you can take a look at the cover Diary of VRS Designs. It is made with genuine leather of first quality, and comes with a case rigid interior that fits tight to your device. The front cover closes over the screen and protects it when not using the phone, and when it does not need to be folded perfectly behind. It also serves as a wallet, with space for three credit cards or a little cash. Of course, the utility and the style cost: it has a considerable price of $63 dollars.


Fundas para el Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Yes, the protection is very important, but the versatility is also something that is extremely valuable. Armor-X has ensured that you don’t have to choose between one thing or another. This sleeve is manufactured with a double layer using a frame of thermoplastic polyurethane with a rigid panel made of polycarbonate on the back to protect the phone from falls and scratches without increasing too much the volume of your thin phone. But you can find that in many other cases, so, what makes this so special? The frame X. The sheath BX-series comes with a carabiner and a belt tie to help you hold and keep your phone. The frame X integrated is compatible with other products Armor-X as their frame of bike, your clip for the arm and its mount to the car. Though you will have to pay for the mounts further, it is clear that the BX-series is a holster designed for a wide variety of people with active lifestyles. With a cost of $25 for the basic package, is a purchase a good one.

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