The best cases and covers for the MacBook that you can buy

estuches y fundas para la MacBook
Although you may feel the temptation to keep your new MacBook without a protective case, you should let common sense prevail. The iconic Apple device is a great machine, and deserves to be protected at all times to justify the investment that you made when you purchased it. That is why we have tracked down the best covers, cases and covers for the MacBook, so, whether you’re looking for protection or style, here you will find something for you.

Note: If you have a MacBook that includes a bar touch, it is important to choose a case more modern to match. Many cases old do not conform to the Mac equipped with Touch Bar, because its dimensions are different from the previous line of MacBook. The soft sleeves, on the other hand, are usually a better bet because they tend to have more room to maneuver.

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On several previous occasions we have witnessed the stringent testing procedures of Tech21, which are extremely rigorous, given that the manufacturer is one of the most outstanding in the market. This sleeve MacBook provides the same protection against bumps, drops and scratches that would be expected of the company. It is a case that fits your MacBook securely, adding little to its size and weight.

It also has cutouts for quick access to the ports, it opens and closes easily, and has rubber feet that prevent slipping on a variety of surfaces. In addition, sections textured to offer additional grip, and the components translucent box shows the iconic logo of Apple. Now comes in color, black, purple, pink, or transparent.

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Pad & Quill Cartella Linen Case

Do a bit nostalgic for the style “old-fashioned” books or books of paper and ink? If you would like to disguise your MacBook as if it were a real book, the Cartella Linen is designed for that purpose. The MacBook will be comfortably housed in a cradle of wood baltic birch with appropriate cutouts for the ports, and the cover can be folded back to create an angle for comfortable typing.

It has an elastic closure that is practical and adds to the aesthetics. Inside the cover, you’ll also find a pocket for thin paper. The sheath of linen comes in three different color combinations, and each case is hand-made in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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You can not ignore the fact that this is an expensive option, but it might be ideal to move by public transport in a busy city or for air travel. The zippers allow you to open it quickly and place it completely flat, so that it is compatible with the TSA in the airports. Has a pocket of fleece on the inside that fits a MacBook, even with a case fitted. You can also use two interior pockets for additional accessories.

You’ll also find an easy access pocket on the outside. It is finished in canvas waxed or ballistic nylon, and you can order it in a variety of combinations of different colors. To top it off you have a comfortable pair of hand straps and a shoulder strap removable to take it on the road.

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For those who want protection but don’t like the idea of covering the sleek design of your device, is the case SeeThru, who tries to be as invisible as possible while still providing protection for the MacBook Air.

The case is divided in two parts that join together quickly, and includes all the openings needed for various connections. If you like the style of this case translucent but you are not necessarily interested in the transparent version, the company offers some other options of colors to choose from.

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The case Dux Rugged STM offers a safe option, even for the consumers more prone to accidents. The brackets polycarbonate rubber protects the sides and corners of your laptop so that there is no damage, while rubber feet textured to help prevent the machine from sliding on slippery surfaces.
The transparent cover also allows the stickers and the personalization shine through in their design, and the minimalist style ensures that your MacBook can always breathe through the hinge built in. The case is available in black, chilli or blue moroccan.

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