The best backpacks for laptops of 17 inches for all tastes

Do you have a laptop, extra-large? If you are a photographer, a business executive or a gamer, surely you need something that suits your needs. Although the alternatives of Vaschy and Mancro are our favorite, we select the best backpacks for laptops 17 inch, since they provide greater comfort to give you more style.

Vaschy with USB charging port

Vaschy | Mejores mochilas para portátiles de 17 pulgadas
Vaschy | Best backpacks for laptops 17 inch

This backpack Vaschy is made of water resistant polyester and has plenty of storage space, while still being lightweight. Includes multiple compartments, five interior pockets and, of course, the padding for your laptop. In addition, it has a port for USB charging, which is useful if you have an external charger for your computer. This is an excellent feature for those who move from one place to another with frequency. In addition, it brings including a waterproof cover in case of rain.

Mancro with charging port

Mancro | Mejores mochilas para portátiles de 17 pulgadas

This backpack Mancro has a lot of space, which makes it an ideal choice for students: three main compartments, nine interior pockets, two side pockets sealed. The exterior is made with a nylon fabric, water repellent with padded shoulder straps. In addition, it features a USB port, ideal for charging your devices.

Asus ROG Nomad

With a style that resembles a helmet of a gladiator, the backpack Asus is designed for gamers who need to carry their heavy equipment. However, the rugged design is useful, and has pockets for headphones, adapters, USB, mice, bottles, keyboards, and other alternatives that the gamers may need.

Case Logic computer and tablet

Case Logic | Mejores mochilas para portátiles de 17 pulgadas
Case Logic | Best backpacks for laptops 17 inch

More than any other brand, Case Logic has many options that fit laptops of larger size. But this alternative on special combines the space for a laptop of 17.3 inches with an additional pocket for a tablet. He also stands out by its versatility, since in addition to being large, is designed for almost any purpose, from business to travel. The manufacturer has other less expensive options that it is possible to find on-line.

Everki Advance

Everki Advance | Mejores mochilas para portátiles de 17 pulgadas
Everki Advance | Best backpacks for laptops 17 inch

Everki is linked to productivity and usability. This simple backpack is an excellent choice for any working environment or game. It is large enough for laptops 18.4 inch in case you need it. The compartment for the computer is padded. In addition, it includes a removable strap that lets you carry it on your shoulder, as well as a carry handle if you want to carry it with your hand. Account with lifetime warranty.

McKlein Damen 80715

McKlein | Mejores mochilas para portátiles de 17 pulgadas
McKlein | Best backpacks for laptops 17 inch

Your name sounds like something that would have James Bond. We must admit that it is a bag with a lot of class for those who want to mark the presence in their journeys. And “travel” is the key word, because with its wheels and handle for towing extendable, and is not intended for backpackers. It is made of a soft and luxurious material of cowhide leather, and includes a compartment protected with foam to minimize shock.

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag (compatible with TSA)

Timbuk2 | Mejores mochilas para portátiles de 17 pulgadas
Timbuk2 | Best backpacks for laptops 17 inch

This backpack is designed to facilitate your life and that of the agents of the Administration Transportation Security (TSA, for its acronym in English). If you travel frequently by plane, the seal of the TSA will help you save time in revisions. It has an external compartment that remains flat for fast inspections, no need to get on your computer. In addition of a waterproof lining, this case is pretty basic, but gets the job done. Be sure to choose the version of 17 inches.

Attaché Solo Classic 17

Attaché Solo Classic | Mejores mochilas para portátiles de 17 pulgadas
Attaché Only Classic | Best backpacks for laptops 17 inch

If the options in this list will have been disappointed by its simplicity, this alternative is for you: the briefcase Attaché Solo Classic 17.3-inch. It is silver (but it also comes in black), has locks with key and seem to hold important documents. There’s not much inside, except some pockets, and the space for the laptop and the adapter. But that is not the point here: it will be a case that you’ll want to display in any room together.

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