The best alternatives to PowerPoint: from Prezi to Slides

Even if a presentation has not been created in the service of Microsoft, there are people who say: “Compárteme the PowerPoint to review it”. You can’t deny the impact that the platform has among the users, however, there are many more tools that promise to represent the most effective way an idea or project.

Among them, we can mention to Prezi and intuitive to use; Slides, a paradise for designers and developers; and Visme, with hundreds of templates, icons, fonts and pictures. It is not a definitive list that is presented below, as it will be updated frequently.

Las diversas plantillas con las que cuenta Prezi

When you think of alternatives to PowerPoint, one of the first options that comes to mind is Prezi, especially for their interactive elements that seems to give “movement” to any idea. It has various templates, a “converter” of PowerPoint, for if you already started to work on a project, and a huge library of graphical elements, among other options. In terms of pricing, it has different packages, among those one free– in which institutions and firms, you will find one that suits your creative needs.

The californian company is characterized by having an alternative for any of the platforms most recognized of Office, and it is no exception with PowerPoint. In Google slides, it is possible to quickly create and edit this type of files, as well as access to the same, even from the phone, to be presented in any space. Integrates diverse themes to “jump-start” right away, and the ability to collaborate remotely with others, for those projects in a team, that’s not even counting that this is an option completely free of charge.

Unlike other tools of its kind, Genially promises that it is not necessary to know programming or design to create visually engaging content and effective, from presentations to infographics, going for guides, videopresentaciones, stories, personal brand and learning experiences. In addition to hundreds of templates available to get started quickly, the option to know how are being utilized creations in real-time. It offers various plans, including one free, so that even complete teams to achieve impact with their ideas.

Not to be confused with the English name of “Presentations” of Google. It is a web platform that designers and developers will find more than attractive, however, that does not mean that the common user will not be able to use it. In addition to its multiple design tools, an integrated format of open source for those who handle programming languages, and an attractive way in which it is possible to have the total control of the presentation, even from the cell phone. All their plans are paid.

Ejemplo de cómo funciona Powtoon, una alternativa a PowerPoint

No matter if it is a project for the office, school or personal, Powtoon promises that anyone can create presentations with the design of more effective. To do this, it offers various templates, a mixture between presentation and video, with multiple interactive elements to not start from scratch. Includes from a free plan to one aimed for designers, animators and agencies.

Could not miss the development that claims to make use of artificial intelligence so that users can create presentations that are outstanding; in a slide, for example, the algorithm of the platform may display, in a second, a different distribution of the visual elements, with just the press of a button. Incorporates templates to address issues of businesses, schools, sales and startups. Their payment plans are two.

Until the Redmond company has its own alternative to PowerPoint. It is about Sway, and to access this free service, it is necessary to have a Microsoft account. Provides templates for internal newsletter, presentations, resumes, photo collection, vacation and reports, mainly, but it also gives the possibility of starting from scratch. For those looking for simplicity, this is the option they have to go.

Templates, icons, fonts, photographs… Visme gives more than what is essential to create presentations and infographics of visual impact. Designs for business, educational, financial, product and not-for-profit stand out for presentations; while for infographics, excel time lines, reports, comparisons, and processes. Considered payment modalities, both individual and for teams.

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