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The best accessories for GoPro, which you will need in your adventures

While it is true that you can use a GoPro camera to film just about anything, the lovers of the adrenaline will need an additional computer to use the full potential of the camera action. Fortunately, there are a large number of accessories, both for GoPro and other manufacturers.

best GoPro accessories

While this speaks of the immense popularity of the company, it may also be overwhelming to choose what devices or accessories you should buy. Then, if you need a place to start your search and to help you decide, here are some of our accessories to help you make the most of your next adventure.

In this list we have assembled the best accessories for GoPro currently available, from mounts to rotating to a harness of a camera that sticks with suction of your car in motion, or a tripod that rolls up into the trees.

GoTough Tripod Adapter from Fotodiox Pro ($10)

best GoPro accessories

If you have a GoPro, it is likely that you have other cameras. Almost all cameras use the same thread of 1/4 inch to place a tripod plate, but not the GoPro. So, to mount your GoPro on a standard tripod, you will need an adapter such as the Fotodiox Pro GoThrough. Even if the only camera you have is the GoPro, have a tripod adapter will make it compatible with a wide range of additional accessories.

While these small devices can be found for a price as low as $1 dollar, we like the Fotodiox. Although it costs $10, mount all-metal is as durable as it is lightweight. Also has a finished smooth, which means that you can tighten the screw by hand without the need of a screwdriver. The five different colors are also a nice touch.

best gopro accessories mic usb c adapter

It is not new that the microphones on-board GoPro leave a lot to be desired. In fact, GoPro has an accessory to help improve the audio capture. The microphone adapter Pro 3.5 mm GoPro connects to the port USB-C in a camera Hero5 Black or Hero6, and adds a microphone connector standard for connecting external microphones. Keep in mind that the adapters are not compatible with the models Session earlier. As to what microphone you use with it, that depends on you and your needs. If you have a Hero4 or an earlier version, GoPro has a different adapter and less expensive for those cameras.


A GoPro camera makes the photo time lapse (timelapse) is simple and effective, thanks to its wide angle lens and the meter intervals integrated. The GoPole Scenelapse takes the experience to the next level by adding movement to the shot. Essentially a timer with a tripod mount at the top, the Scenelapse can be configured at predefined intervals in which it will slowly turn, as your action camera shoots or captures photos. Every hour, rotate 360 degrees full, which makes it easy to calculate with just a turn of the time and the distance that you want it to move.

The Removu S1 is a gimbal or base of 3-axis, water-proof, that many have been waiting for. In addition to being resistant to the rain, the outstanding characteristic of the Removu S1 is its ability to be removed from his joystick and remote to be mounted on any clip GoPro standard. With a price of $280, is not cheap, but it works with any GoPro that dates back to the Hero3, so I expected you to last a few generations more to relieve the financial burden.

Did you see those photos and videos are great where you see the half of the water and the other half on the surface? You can now obtain with the help of the port Split Dome GoPro SplitGadget. When you put a kind of dome in front of the lens of the GoPro, SplitGadget adds effectively an optical element front largest. This makes it easier to get split shots, especially when the water is in motion. It even comes with its own harness with wrist strap for easy handling under water. While SplitGadget was one of the first to launch this accessory, there are other similar, including an option of $50 dollars of PolarPro.


Joby GorillaPod ($26)

best GoPro accessories
Although perhaps this accessory should have been called “Snake” instead of Gorilla, you can wrap your GoPro around any tree or post with the handy Joby GorillaPod. Although it is not as high as a standard tripod, as it measures just 10 inches, it is practical and useful. The flexible legs are rolled up and can attach a camera to anything that can be wrapped, turning any tree, post, chair, or fence on a tripod. The GorillaPod is also equipped with a spherical head, which allows 90 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees swivel. As an additional advantage, it also has a standard clip 1/4 of an inch, and the bottom of the stand has a screw that fits any tripod.

GoPro 3-Way ($69)

GoPro 3-Way Thumb

There is a wide variety of sticks or stretchers for the GoPro cameras, but the 3-Way officer of GoPro, is particularly useful due to its multifunctionality. You can use it as an asa basic for your camera, such as an extendable arm, or simply as a tripod. Although it does not extend as much as some other sticks telescopic, moves between 7.5 and 20 inches, which actually makes it less problematic and more lightweight. The grip is also comfortable, and can be separated to become an asa even smaller for your camera.

PanaVise ActionGrip 3-N-1 Suction Cup Kit ($45)

PanaVise ActionGrip 3-N-1 Suction Cup Camera Mount Kit Thumb
This kit allows you to quickly set the assembly exactly you need for any situation in which you find yourself. Not only is the support with suction cups most versatile available, but it is also incredibly safe and easy to use, thanks to the ball head built in. It is perfect for placing a GoPro inside or outside of a car, or even fit on boats, small boats or anything with a relatively smooth surface. The mounts suction cups as the ActionGrip 3-N-1 also shine in situations of high speed, where a clamp typical simply does not hold the camera firm enough. The last thing you want is your camera goes flying.

mejores accesorios para gopro lume cube review 11 720x720

Lights camera action can illuminate these adventures after the sun set, or even give a little more strength to your shots day. The Lume Cube is a mini LED light that shares many of the same features you love on your GoPro: it is a small, water resistant, easy to use and you can even control it from a smart phone. The small light is quite powerful with up to 1400 lumens (with options to dim) and the kit GoPro includes two with a mount, one on each side of the camera. Or, you can take a single light without the bracket for about $80 dollars.

mejores accesorios para gopro turnspro 720x720

The mounting TurnsPro help make more dynamic shots, time lapse adding some movement to the mix. You can place the stand on a resistant surface –like a table– or use it with a tripod. You can also adjust the configuration to adapt it to the shape or angle you want to film, either during 20 seconds or 10 hours, and also how much you want to rotate the camera, which gives you a little more control than the Scenelapse above-mentioned (and less expensive). It can also work vertically as well as horizontally, if it is attached to a tripod. In addition, you can use it with your digital camera and mobile phone, in addition to your GoPro, of course.

mejores accesorios para gopro chesty 720x720

When you want some shots in POV from a low angle without using your hands, Chesty is your best bet. Mounts to helmet (included with the GoPro cameras) are excellent, but not all of the activities require, and often don’t want images that rotate and turn along with your head. This device is adjustable for the chest is ideal to highlight your hands, whether you’re playing the piano or doing cycling. Even we have seen in festivals of food and wine, which attests to its versatility and comfort. The Chesty is available for kids, and there is a strap for the body alternative that goes over your head.

GoPro Fetch ($30)

mejores accesorios para gopro fetch mount 720x720

Fetch is the Chesty for your best friend. This is a great mount for dog owners, as it gives you a look at the world from the point of view of your pet. The contraption allows you to put your camera in the back of the animal, or just below your chest, depending on how you see things. The harness is also washable, so that your friend will be able to wallow in the mud all you want.

*Updated by Daniel Matus on 17 may 2019.

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