The battle between the Xbox Scarlett vs. PS5: what we know so far

We will make this comparison between Xbox Scarlett vs. PS5 for a good reason: it is sad, but Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have reached the final stretch of their lives. Very soon, Microsoftand Sony will launch the next generation of consoles, which are sure to come loaded with new features and important improvements in the processing power to run the latest video games. In any case, we do not believe that these new systems will be launched in 2019 –and, in the case of Xbox Scarlett we are confident that will not happen– although we have information on what we can expect from them. From the hardware to the games, we have compared the Xbox Scarlett vs. PS5 so that you can better judge which system you should buy on the launch day.


Xbox Scarlett PS5
CPU Ryzen AMD eight-core
GPU Allegedly “Arcturus 12” Radeon Navi with support for ray tracing
Bandwidth of the memory
Storage SSD, size to be determined SSD, size to be determined
Optical drive Yes
4K Yes
Subscription Online
Price About $500 dollars
Availability Launch planned for 2020 Launch planned for 2020

Performance Xbox Scarlett vs. PS5

Comparación Xbox Scarlett vs. PS5

Without that have been announced officially, we still have data and parts with respect to the performance and internal specifications of the Xbox Scarlett vs. PS5. In fact, there is still no console receives a name. The conventional wisdom tells us that Sony calls its system PS5, while the leaked information suggests that the Xbox Scarlett is the codename of Microsoft. However, Scarlett also could arrive in two alternatives: Lockhart, as the inexpensive version, and Anaconda, much more powerful.

Being the most economic, Lockhart will probably provide an experience that will be only a slight improvement on the Xbox One X. However, Anaconda will surely be an update most significant of the current generation of consoles from Microsoft and about the same price that the PS5. For this reason, we compare the more powerful version of Xbox Scarlett vs. PS5.

We know that the PS5 will use AMD chips in all areas. This includes an eight-core CPU that runs on a modified version of the line Ryzen. This CPU will use the “microarchitecture Zen 2 7nm”. Assuming that the processor has a power similar to the line Ryzen 7 for AMD, we may be having close to twice the maximum speed of the PS4 Pro.

The GPU on the PS5 it will also be of AMD, based on the line Radeon Navi, and will support the intensive process of resources known as ray tracing. This information comes from an interview with Wired, the principal architect of the PS5, Mark Cerny, but that he did not share more technical details about the GPU. The console will support 4K resolution, just like the PS4 Pro, but in addition the resolution 8K.

We know very little about the internal hardware of the Xbox Scarlett. However, leaked documents detailing the technical specifications mention the GPU called “Arcturus 12”. We can anticipate that it is more powerful than the GPU of the Xbox One X, which is capable of 6 teraflops (operations of floating point). In fact, according to a post by Jason Schreier on Reset Was, Sony, Microsoft point higher than the 10.7 teraflops of those who supposedly will be able to Google Stay. The Xbox One X also uses 12 GB of RAM GDDR5, so even a small improvement to this would probably be enough for future games.


La PS5 dará el salto a las unidades de estado sólido

In the area of storage between the Xbox Scarlett vs. PS5, the latter has revealed more news. With this console, Sony is finally getting away from hard drives in favor of solid-state drives, as revealed in the interview from Wired with Mark Cerny. We do not yet know the storage capacity for the console, but we know that will use a bandwidth higher than that used in current PC systems. This means that the games will load much faster, especially in comparison with the base model of the PS4 released in 2013.

Microsoft has not given any information about the size or type of storage device included in the Xbox Scarlett. With the Xbox One X is currently available with a capacity of 1TB, we anticipate that at least will be this space.

Games and compatibility

Death Stranding podría ser el puntal de la Sony PS5.
Kojima Productions

Unlike the PS4, the next Sony console will be compatible with previous versions. This will mean that you’ll be able to play PS4 games, as well as PlayStation games VR. It will also be compatible with devices PlayStation VR, but that does not mean that in the future to reach new viewers of virtual reality.

Microsoft has spoken in more general terms so far, pointing only to your history on the compatibility with previous versions as an indication of what is to come. Because Xbox One uses a technology based on software that allows for backward compatibility with earlier versions of Xbox 360 games and original Xbox, it is very likely that Xbox Scarlett to replicate this model.

Apparently, the company is working on a project called “GameCore”, which will help speed up the process of developing games for consoles and the PC platform of Microsoft. The goal would be to make it easier for developers creating games for the consoles from Microsoft that can be more easily incorporated or even inherently compatible with the Windows PC.

Sony has not revealed any game that will come to PS5, still focused on the launch titles for PS4, as The Last of Us: Part II, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding. However, it is possible to try versions of generation cross, or that have later updates for the PS5. No release date in sight for Death Stranding, it seems to be a likely candidate.

The most likely candidate for Xbox Scarlett is Halo Infinite. This game was announced for both Xbox One and PC, but 343 Industries is still in the early stages of development and announced the project to show their new capabilities. As Microsoft continues to blur the line between generations, this could mean that users of Xbox One and Xbox Scarlett could enjoy the game, just like PC gamers.

On-line services

To play most online games on Xbox One and PS4 when both consoles were launched in 2013, it was necessary to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus. We anticipate that between Xbox Scarlett vs. PS5 there will be differences in this area. However, due to the increased focus on the streaming of games, these were not the only services online.

By the side of PlayStation, we anticipate that Sony will emphasize even more their service PlayStation Now, which allows streaming of games directly to your console. This could be the solution for compatibility with PlayStation 3 games, something that is not possible on the PS4 due to the different architecture of both systems. This transmission will replace traditional games, because the PS5 will continue to support physical media.

Microsoft is also getting into the streaming game with their service Project xCloud. Although it does not yet have an official name, will allow play on all sorts of platforms, from your Xbox to a mobile phone. The success of the Xbox Game Pass should complement this initiative, providing the option of downloading the games to those who do not wish to use them via streaming.

*Updated on 7 August 2019 by Daniel Matus.

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