The accounts that you must follow on Twitter if you want to be a gamer

Do you just start at the wide world of video games and consoles? Don’t worry, here are the accounts you should follow on Twitter if you want to be a gamer.

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This is not a definitive list, will be updated constantly, but with it, it could be enough to have an initiation of another level. Include the accounts of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, and the studios developers.


To be aware of the latest products of this great platform in the world gaming, such as announcements and new titles, nothing better than to follow any of their official accounts. Here we highlight three that you can’t miss: @PlayStation (English), @PlayStationES (Spain) and @PlayStation_LA (Latin America).


It also has accounts dedicated to various countries and displays information about their various systems and video games, especially about Nintendo Switch, your console of last generation, launched at the beginning of 2017. We recommend you to follow @NintendoAmerica (English) and NintendoES (Spain).


If you’re more of the “green team” or think to buy a console from last generation of Xbox, become a follower of @Xbox_Spain, @Xbox (English) and @XboxMexico, where you will receive information on updates to the systems of the platform, as well as everything that has to do with launches of new video games for the same.

Studies developers

What fan of any franchise as FIFA, Crash Bandicoot, Assassin’s Creed or Just Dance? Then, you’ll be interested to follow the people responsible for these developments: Electronic Arts (@EA or @EA_España), Ubisoft (@Ubisoft, @Ubisoft_Spain or @UbisoftLatam) and Naughty Dog (@Naughty_Dog), among others.


If you’re more of follow the transmissions of players of international stature, so do not miss the account of the platform of Amazon (@Twitch), which “revives” played epic and provides information on the players exclusive that get.


And if we mention it to Twitch, then you can not miss in this list the service of a Microsoft-type, Mixer (@WatchMixer), which has exclusive from the likes of @Ewok and @Ninja, offers information on Xbox and also “revive” short sessions of players.


For those who are looking to have the best accessories for your (long) gaming sessions, one of the best alternatives is HyperX. In their Twitter profiles (@HyperXLatam and @HyperX), the firm offers information about their latest products, from headphones to keyboards, and the occasional publication to be humorous.


The manufacturer is one of the leaders in what refers to level up the graphics of video games. On their Twitter account (@NVIDIAGeForce and @NVIDIAGeForceLA), the mark provides information on new products and updates, to not miss any detail.

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