Testing the demo of Resident Evil 3: it comes to something big

After years of hard that coincided with the release of Street Fighter V, Capcom has returned to the lane of the normal. In 2019, presented two major titles, such as Devil May Cry 5 and an excellent remake of Resident Evil 2. Today, the japanese opens its catalog with long-awaited new version of Resident Evil 3.

While trying to escape from Raccoon City, Jill Valentine, and the Service of Countermeasures biohazard Umbrella agree to work together. After a brief dialogue by walkie-talkie, you can explore the zombie infested city with the goal of resuming the services of the metro. That is the substance of this first advance.

“It wasn’t long until I found myself face to face with the undead. Point is a mixture of patience and precision, since the look is about when Valentine stops. That makes to defend against them is a matter of tactical, since I had to sit still regularly to get a shot in the head, and then move in order to avoid being bitten. These exchanges are as tight as they were on the original PlayStation”, narrated by Tyler Treese on Digital Trends.

In place of the street type corridor of the original, said, players now have much more space to maneuver, while the shops are full of details. Like Resident Evil 2, the city feels as if I had ever lived and it’s not just a disaster zone.

Another plus is that the controls have been modernized to improve the capacity of response of the player: “This is a welcome change, since the new control scheme feels great. Anyone who has played the last remake will feel like at home. The biggest difference is that Valentine has a movement of evasion advanced by pressing R1. Mastering this skill requires a few attempts, and ended up as a snack for a zombie while practicing. However, it is an essential skill to learn, because there’s no better way to avoid the encounters.”

As in previous deliveries, the search areas involves rewards for the player, from useful consumables to “bobbleheads” hidden from Mr. Charlie. Are scarce, so be patient.

Treese said that Raccoon City is full of puzzles, such as closed boxes and strong boxes, which may not open immediately. “The highlight was a shotgun secured in an office. Although I could not get it at first, I finally found some cutters of bolts in a store near you. Take the weapon was immensely satisfying. The puzzles are not complex, but the constant threat of zombies makes you uptight,” he said.

However, the most intense moment is the encounter with Nemesis, the hulking bio-weapon that pursues Valentine throughout the game. So he told the cornista of Digital Trends: “I walked away with my shotgun, which I had saved specifically for this meeting. What stunned temporarily, but he still managed to use his long arms to grab me. After struggling out of his reach, I ran away until he jumped in front of me. A dodged timely allowed me to slide down in an alley fenced off and escape”.

The demo of Resident Evil 3 ends on a high note: after you extinguish the fire with a hose against a fire that blocks the way, and the camera follows Valentine to the main enemy knocks down a wall and stares. “Then, the game rewards you with a new breakthrough that leads to a character who returns from RE2 that I was not in the original,” let it go.

A tour thorough may take about 30 minutes. The more impatient could do it in three. As it is, this “excellent work” demonstrates that Resident Evil 3 is at the height of the expectations of the fans. Its premiere is planned for the 3 April on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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