Survey reveals who will win the battle of the consoles: the PS5 or the Xbox

The great battle of the technology by 2020 are witnessing for a long time the PS5 Sony and the Xbox Series X Microsoft. Even without being officially released, the surveys begin to show who will take the prizes.

A study in the United Kingdom of Experience12 surveyed more than 3,000 “fans of the pop culture” between 25 June and 2 July using the online channels of MCM Comic con.

The participants of the survey, 80 percent was between 18 and 34 years, with 48 per cent in the age range of 25 to 34. 58% were men and 38% women.

In this survey, the PS5 was the big winner: 84 percent of people said they were more excited about the PlayStation 5, while only 15 percent chose the Xbox x Series.

Also the participants were asked when they intended to buy the new consoles. Lto most people, 37 percent, expect to take a at the launch.

On the game that most expected for the next generation, Cyberpunk 2077 topped the list with 43 per cent of the votes. Marvel’s Avengers took the second place with only 15 per cent, followed by the remastered Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, Dying Light 2 and Halo Infinite.

When it comes to machines of the current generation, the PlayStation 4 was the platform most preferred with 59 percent, well ahead of Xbox One (17 percent), PC (15 percent) and the Nintendo Switch (8 percent).

Other peculiarities: the majority of respondents chose The Mandalorian as their favorite series, and Wonder Woman 1984 as your main movie.

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