Students receive computers infected with Russian malware

Could this be one of the most sophisticated espionage cases? If it isn't, it will at least leave an embarrassing mark on the UK education system.

Those affected are British students from low-income schools who have had to study at home due to the pandemic and who received computers infected with dangerous Russianmalware from the government.

This embarrassing incident was made public after teachers at a Bradford school released details of suspicious files found on the notebooks .

They explained that the malware appeared to be contacting Russian servers. These Windows computers had Gamarue 1, a worm that Microsoft identified in 2012.

"Upon unpacking and preparing, several of the laptops were found to be infected with a self-spreading network worm that appears to contact Russian servers when active," noted one of the educators.

The picture shows two people with masks in Moscow.

According to The Register , it would be a batch of 23 thousand computers, the GeoBook 1E with Windows 10, manufactured by Tactus Groups based in Shenzhen (China). A spokesman for the manufacturer said he was not available for comment.

The total number of computers that could be affected is still unknown.

Through a statement, the United Kingdom Department of Education claimed to be aware of this problem, although it clarified that it would not be a "so widespread" event.

“We are aware of a problem with a small number of devices. And we are investigating as an urgent priority to resolve the matter as soon as possible. We believe that this is not very widespread, "they said.

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