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Steve Jobs would 65 today, Would you use an iPhone foldable?

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Those who worked with him were very clear: to coincide with Steve Jobs in the elevator could be fatal, both like to have a drink horrible or lose their jobs in the worst cases. The testimonies claim that the great co-founder of Apple took advantage of an awkward way to fix the retinas in the employee of the company in issue and to throw, as a dart, a key question about the performance of their work. Brilliant, lucid, and very intelligent, there was not a single detail that escaped the californian and a response to sceptical or not compelling, they could be lethal. Today Steve Jobs would have turned 65 years of not having succumbed to a lethal cancer that took him too soon, and we can not avoid the question what would it be like today Apple have followed Jobs to the front?

This is the view of part of the editorial team of Digital Trends in Spanish:

John Garcia, Editor-in-Chief:

I imagine an Apple very different if Steve Jobs had not been a victim of the disease that killed him some years ago, the innovation in Apple died with the departure of its co-founder, today we would have designs much more functional and eye-catching, and surely by now Apple would have a flip phone and another 5G, Jobs was always ahead of his time and a visionary lover.

We loved the music, the iPod was their first success on his return to the company from Cupertino, possibly we would have a sound system Apple similar to the Sonos, and if we can keep dreaming, we said that we would have a tv brand, Apple, but no, today we have to Tim Cook and what has Apple is money, much money.

Diego Bastarrica, news editor

Surely it would not be a company concerned to launch services such as Apple News (a failure) or of consolidating its competition with Netflix through Apple TV. Steve Jobs is one that needed to lead in the industry, be the icing on the cake, but in addition to the fill, the structure and up to the dish where it was the cake.

It was not a calculator of the economic results of each quarter and would not have needed to do so, because surely his own courage would not have competition in the industry manufacturers.

Learned so much with the trial and error in the past, that if he were still alive, surely would look far and away to Samsung and Huawei, and all that your company decides to take, it would be a hit without equal.

Does an iPhone foldable?

patente nueva iPhone completamente de vidrio

Really, Steve Jobs in front of Apple acted in a way very predictable: it promoted the development of products infringing that they went ahead to the needs of the customer, a formula that, to be successful in the market, it left no options to rivals. What do we mean? To products such as the iPod, iPhone or iPad, innovative, unconventional, and by creating a niche market itself, grew all of their income. It was a risky bet, as if it is curdled the product, they would have invested millions of dollars to nothing; but by good fortune, the smell of Jobs was proverbial, and are counted as the projects fell into disgrace, such as Newton.

Tim Cook picked up the baton from his leader and friend, and, of course, over the years, we can say that it has done so in a way a second and highly successful if we looked in the account of results. Apple is one company brilliant that continues to fill the pockets of their investors and to the very Warren Buffet has recognized that the signature of Cupertino is probably “the best business I know of in the world”, a qualification that is worth literally gold coming from who it comes from. But… what Would have been another boost in Apple products if Steve Jobs is maintained in the front? Do we have already a iPhone folding in our pockets?

It was the magician, lives on his legacy

We really play to fortune tellers to try to interpret how it would be Apple today if Steve Jobs was kept to the front, and the best way to do this is by focusing on the products. While it is true that Jobs represented an innovative strength that was dragging the entire industry with their talent, this frenzy was his own brake in the obsession for the details and the perfection of the own Jobs. For a product to receive the green light and go out into the market, everything had to work perfectly and there should be space for improvisation what Would meet these requirements, a folding screen? The heart says yes, but common sense, contradicts it.

Steve Jobs was pure magic, a force of ground-breaking and an enthusiasm that was impossible not to be infected; Tim Cook, on the other hand represents the side of pragmatic things, the same side that understands that in order to continue earning money, you must innovate and propose new alternatives to the market. Vision surgical of Cook proposes a few steps very deliberate and with little margin of error, a formula that is sweeping the securities markets, but that leaves us with a grimace in the face to those who live in the most crazy of Steve Jobs.

The co-founder of Apple is unique and cannot be replicated to a genius, but, fortunately and despite having lost to the genius, we are left with his legacy, and Tim Cook will know to adapt the complex balance between innovation and profitability.

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