Steam approves ‘Negligee’, a game with adult content uncensored

steam juegos sin censura negligee

Earlier this year, Valve, the creator of the gaming platform Steam, announced that it would open up its online market place for almost all games, as long as they are not illegal. This, they say, will give players more options when they are browsing and searching for something with which to have fun. However, few expected that this decision would mark a step forward to open the doors of the platform to content for adults, with themes that otherwise would be censored.

After you add new filtering tools that allow users to choose to view “sexual content for adults only” in the store Steam, now Valve has approved a game called Negligee: Love Stories. This provocative game will be released on Friday 14 September.

“We are pleased to confirm that Negligee: Love Stories has completed the review process Steam and will be our first game 100% uncensored on Steam, without the need of any patch,” wrote the developer in the announcement of this new stage.

As informs PC Gamer, page Kickstarter of Negligee:Love Stories includes images censored scenes of the game, and although in the list of media is not allowed on Steam is not yet deleted the category “pornography” is sufficiently clear as to what type of game is Negligee.

The openness of the platform does not come without other complications. At the end of July, it is reported that a game previously available on Steam infected users with malware. Abstractism, which was marketed as a game with a “stylish, minimalist design” and “relaxing atmosphere”, it seemed to install a malicious program on users ‘ systems after the installation of the game. The users who bought the game uploaded screenshots showing that the game was marked as a trojan virus by your security software, and even some claimed that this virus was extracting criptomonedas with the virus installed. The game was removed from the platform.

Returning to the subject of content censored, in the coming weeks expect more games similar to Negligee are waiting for the final approval of Steam. In the process, we will probably have a better idea of where Valve is checking the line. Although the response of the users in favor or against this decision has not yet come to be sufficiently notorious, it is more than sure that you will not be without controversy.

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