Sony has all served to introduce new features of the PS5

The show mounted and the signals streaming tested have Sony for the next 4 of June from 16:00 hours ET to present the first list of games of the PS5.

The transmission, you can see through the official channels from Playstation on Twitch and Youtube, and will last about an hour.

The CEO of Playstation, Jim Ryan, said, “the games that will come to PS5 represent the best the industry groundbreaking studies from around the world. The studies, both more large and more small, new and established, have worked very hard to develop games that show the potential of the hardware.”


It is expected that the main difference compared to Xbox, is that many of the titles for the PS5 are original.

“The price of the console will not vary by the coronavirus”

Jim Ryan also said that the prices of the PS5 will remain at $450 dollars and that there will be an increase product of the crisis generated by the COVID-19.

“We always try to be sensitive to the world in which we presented our products,” said Ryan. “In our business, the value usually manifests itself in the quality and range of games available. . . That is why we go to the trouble that we will have next week when we showcase the games”.

The president and chief executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment in addition to confessed that the manufacture of the new console has begun. “Will increase during the summer,” he said. “People are quite surprised by this, but we are on the way. . . We believe that we will have sufficient quantities to support a global launch”.

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