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Sonos Move vs. Bose Portable Home Speaker: we will help you to decide

Sonos Move vs. Bose Portable Home Speaker

Launched almost at the same time, Sonos Move, of $399, and Bose Portable Home Speaker, $350, are two of the speakers, or portable speakers more attractive to buy now. They both offer similar features, including bluetooth, WiFi, AirPlay 2 and compatibility with Alexa or the Google Assistant, but they are oriented to users is slightly different and not just because of the price difference. In the comparative Sonos Move vs. Bose Portable Home Speaker face the two devices so that you can decide on the one that best fits with your needs and tastes.


Let’s start with the only feature that really separates these speakers from nearly all other speakers smart wireless: portability. So what makes a portable speaker is portable? Size, weight, a handle or other feature so that it can grasp and a battery to feed it. Both the speaker Move as the Portable Home Speaker have batteries, so there are the same. The difference between the two is in the other three elements and the model of Bose meets all.

The speaker home portable Bose is smaller, lighter and has the best handle to carry it from one place to another safely. We could give points to the design of the Sonos Move by having a handle integrated that it is invisible unless you look from behind, but we would have to take away points of usability because the same handle does not inspire as much confidence as the flexible belt wrapped in fabric that allows you to easily turn the model from Bose.

After transporting them around the house, the neighborhood and the yard, you quickly realize that you are wishing to grab the Bose, and looking for reasons to stop the Move just where it is located.

Another point in favor of Bose: you can recharge from any power source – USB-C, while the Move’s charging requirements USB-C is very specific that make it incompatible with most of the phone chargers USB-C.

Winner: Bose Portable Home Speaker

Sound quality

Sonos Move vs. Bose Portable Home Speaker

Looking at these two speakers, you’d never guess how close they are in sound quality. The design tower, the size and the weight of the Move suggest that it should sound better than the Bose. And so it is, but not both. Yes, the Move is a bit more strong in this section, because it has a smoother transition between bass and treble, but you really need to spend a lot of time playing the same songs on each speaker, rewinding forward and back, to appreciate this difference.

However, what most people will notice is the way in which each speaker directs the sound around a given space. With its design completely circular, the model of Bose sounds expansive and spacious, and seems not to be affected neither by placement nor by the orientation. The Move projects the sound much more directional and used technology Auto Trueplay to adjust your equalizer and get the optimum sound no matter where you place it.

What does all this mean? The Move is a speaker sound more traditional, with a better dynamic range and warmth, which lends itself better to listening indoors. The speaker home portable offers a sound of lower fidelity, but is listening well in any place of the house (and in the garden and in the park) thanks to its spatial distribution of 360 degrees.

It should be noted that both speakers work just as well when using bluetooth or wifi.

Winner: (by a hair) Sonos Move

Support for music services

Both Sonos as Bose offer personalized music and applications for controlling your speakers. In addition to providing a way to stream music from multiple services within a single user experience, also allow you to access settings such as the equalizer, the balance sheet, the assignments of room and the grouping of speakers. However, the application of Sonos (iOS, Android, Windows and Mac) is much more capable than the application Bose Music (iOS, Android).

The application Bose Music App lets you listen to music your Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. There is No universal search, no ability to create playlists, there is no access to local music or stored on the network, and the application limits you to only six favorites. For all other music services, like Apple Music and Google Play Music, you’ll need to use bluetooth or AirPlay 2 if your phone supports it.

In regard to the application, the Sonos supports so many music services that don’t have room in this comparison to list them. Suffice it to say that the core services are there, in addition to dozens of lesser services. You can find all of them in a simple interface, you can create playlists that can pull tracks from any of these services, access to local music and stored in the network and, in addition, you can add an unlimited number of favorites.

The implementation of Sonos is so good that the biggest drawback is that you cannot use when you Move is in bluetooth mode.

Winner: Sonos Move

Functions of speakers smart

Sonos Move vs. Bose Portable Home Speaker

When it comes to act as speakers smart, Sonos Move and Bose Portable are virtually identical. Both can be configured to work with Amazon’s Alexa, or with the Assistant of Google, both with built-in microphone that can be muted by physically, by means of a button which ensures privacy and both lose their intelligence when they are connected via bluetooth. But there is a difference. The Bose has a set of microphones that are more sensitive, and we realized that he was able to hear and respond to commands faster and from farther away -even in noisy environments – that the Move.

Winner: Bose Portable Home Speaker

Durability and longevity

The wireless speakers that are designed to take them anywhere they need to be able to adapt to all places and environments reasonably expected to be exposed. Water, dust, heat and cold are the biggest concerns, and Sonos Move is designed to withstand most of these conditions without fail. The Move has a degree of protection of IP56, which means that it is able to withstand both water and dust, always and when it does not throw to the pool or bury completely in the sand. Its outer material was specifically chosen for its ability to withstand both the heat and the cold.

Bose Portable Home Speaker can get wet a little bit, but their rating IPX4 offers considerably less protection against the water to Move and no protection against the dust, which makes him a companion much less ideal to go to the beach.

Also it should be noted that the internal rechargeable battery of the Move is user-replaceable, while the battery of the Bose Portable Home Speaker is sealed in the device. Both batteries are rated to last about six years with regular use, but only Sonos Move has a strategy for what happens after that period of time.

Winner: Sonos Move


Usually, we are able to declare a winner obvious in our comparisons face-to-face, but this battle has proved very difficult. The wireless speaker portable with the best features, durability, and (possibly) sound quality -the Sonos Move – is the one that least wanted to grab on your way out the door. Its large volume and its handle of transport less convenient and safe, you’ll hardly give you the experience you want in a portable speaker.

However, the Move is better built to adapt to many of the places that we like to bring a portable speaker.

To further complicate the election, when we were at home using each speaker as a part of an audio system for all around the home, we find the application Bose Music App frustratingly limited in terms of the music that we could access. The application of the Sonos offers many options both in services of music as in the settings of the playback.

So this is our advice: if portability is what matters most to you, choose the Bose Portable Home Speaker. Yes, the Move is a better speaker in many ways, but none of it will matter if you fear the idea of dragging their considerable volume when you come out of the door. The Bose is made for travel and believe that it sounds very good.

If, on the other hand, you like the idea of being able to carry a wireless speaker when you go to the cottage, the beach or the ski slopes, but spend the greater part of the time listening to music at home, choose the Sonos Move. Your software is almost perfect, the automatic adjustments of the equalizer, the sound exceptional and the integration with the ecosystem of Sonos make a great speaker for the home, and its robust build quality gives you the ability to take it almost anywhere. And up here our comparison Sonos-Move vs. Bose Portable Home Speaker, what’s clear to you already?

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