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Some tricks for the BlackBerry Key2 very useful

algunos trucos para el BlackBerry Key2
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Despite the fact that like its predecessor, the BlackBerry Key2 has a physical keyboard, on this occasion, the manufacturer has proposed to give more qualities to its flagship phone, such as, for example, the implementation of Android 8.0, to include the set of applications of the privacy and productivity of Blackberry. Discover in this guide some tricks to the BlackBerry Key2, that you will take this phone to the maximum.

How to use Blackberry Hub?

Blackberry Hub acts as a universal inbox for all their communications. Text messages, emails, call logs, and even some messages from third party applications, they are sorted by sequence in the Blackberry Hub.

If you want to configure the Blackberry Hub simply touch the icon Menu, identified with the three horizontal lines, and then tap the icon +, to the side of the accounts.

Once you set up the Blackberry Hub, you can customize it to display and to prioritize certain accounts. To create a custom view, open the Blackberry Hub and tap the icon Menu. Then, select Add view and enter a view name.

If you want to identify messages from different accounts even faster, you can colorize each text according to the account. To do so, open the Blackberry Hub and selecting the icon Menu. Tap Settings> text Messages> Colour of the account and select the color of text desired. Repeat the same series of steps for each account.


Do you want to prevent some eyes inquisitive read your screen? Don’t worry, because the privacy that it offers BlackBerry Shade is excellent for that. Privacy Shade blocks everything on the screen except for a small viewing area that you can move and adjust.

It is important to note that there are two ways to enable Privacy Shade. The first way is to add it to the drop-down Menu of quick Settings. Use two fingers to swipe down from the top of the screen and select the icon of Pencil in the bottom menu bar. Then, scroll down to the section Drag to add mosaic and drag the icon of the Privacy Shade the active area of the quick Settings menu. Now you can enable the Privacy Shade by tapping on the corresponding icon in the menu of quick Settings.

If you prefer to use a gesture to enable the Privacy Shade, head to Cto use> Shortcuts and gestures and the option of Privacy Shade three fingers. Now you can swipe down from the top of the screen with three fingers, to quickly activate the Shading of privacy or Privacy Shade.

Once you have enabled Privacy Shade, you can make adjustments that suit your needs. If you want a larger area to expose the text, just tap two times on the icon of the eye. For the adjustments of shape and opacity, tap the icon of the Overflow (three dots) within the Privacy Shade. Finally, when you’re ready to exit the function, simply tap the icon of the arrow.


In addition to Privacy Shade, Blackberry also offers a function called Editor. The feature allows you to compose quickly personal information of any web site or document displayed on your screen.

The easiest way to gain access to the Editor is from the menu of quick Settings. Simply use two fingers to swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the icon of the pencil. Then tap – Drag to add tabs, the icon of the Editor and drag it to the area of the Menu of quick Settings. After these steps, the access to Editor will be as easy as touching your icon from the Menu of quick Settings.

Once you have enabled the mode Editor, you will see a new menu bar at the bottom of the screen. The icon of the finger furthest to the left will help you to change the size and shape of the tool of writing. The icon arrow back allows you to undo your latest wording, while, with the icon to share, you can share your written document.

Also, the button settings you will see a short tutorial or adds a persistent notification and the arrow icon located more to the right makes you go out of the function Editor.


The key Convenience, located below the power button, gives you quick access to applications and functions on your Blackberry Key2 with the touch of a button.

There are a number of different profiles to set Convenience Key. To configure the default profile, go to Settings> Shortcuts and gestures and select the key Convenience. Tap the icon Add shortcut again and select the appropriate application. Repeat this process until you have three selected applications. Once you’ve customized your applications with the key Convenience Key corresponding, you can tap the key from any screen to select the applications that you have chosen.

There are also three additional profiles that can be enabled: a profile of the car, one meeting and a start profile. To enable each profile, tap its icon and toggles in the corresponding slider. Then, you’ll be able to add custom applications to each profile.


Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

One of the most interesting features of this Blackberry is an application called Locker, with which you can easily store information and applications private in a secure area of your phone.

To use it, you just need to enter Locker. However, it is worth to note that, the first time you open this application you will need to configure it with a password. Once you’ve configured the application, you can tap on the icon + to add photos, documents, and applications.

As Locker creates a separate instance of any application that you add, the data associated to it will not be visible from the main application. You can also use Firefox Focus inside of the Locker for a session of safe browsing which blocks ads and other content.

Although you can take private photos directly from the app Locker, Blackberry also provides a shortcut that will allow you to store your images in the app, directly from the camera. Simply open the camera and tap the fingerprint sensor in place of the shutter button and as if by magic, your photo will automatically be moved to your private folder from Google Photos.


Power Center allows you to customize the performance of the individual applications on the Blackberry Key2. You can select from one of three power saving modes that there are.

To add applications, simply open the application Power Center and select Applications and games. Tap the + icon, select the application you want to use and activate the slider. From here, you can select your power saving mode chosen.

In addition to setting the energy profiles for each application, the Power Center also allows you to make changes in the operating system, which will save battery. Since the application Power Center, you can turn off the applications that are automatically opened in the background, dim the screen, disable the Location and shorten the period of time until the screen turns off.

Finally, Power Center provides the option to turn on battery saver automatically when the battery is running low. Open the application Power Center, select Turn on battery saver to automatically> Change settings and turn the slider all the battery Saving.


While Blackberry Key2 has dozens of special features of software, the tab Productivity is one of our favorites. Productivity Tab allows you to quickly access common applications Blackberry, as well as calendar, email, tasks and contacts, as well as the custom widgets by swiping in the home screen.

When you initially set up your phone, the tab Productivity is automatically enabled. However, you can make adjustments according to your preferences. To customize the appearance of the tab Productivity, simply open the application and tap the settings icon to open the Settings menu. From here, you can easily make adjustments in the location, the height and the opacity of the icon of the home screen.

If you want to customize the tabs in Productivity, abea the application and tap the settings icon. Scroll down to content Settings and select Choose your tabs or Reorder tabs. In you Choose your lashes, you can remove the tabs, or widgets is not desired, while in Reorder tabs, you can change the order.

Finally, if you want to add a widget to your Tab Productivity, open the application and select the Settings icon. Go to Choose your tabs and select one of the options of Widgets.

Return to the tab menu for the Productivity main and you’ll see a tab for widgets under the other tabs in Blackberry. Touch the icon of the widget followed by the plus key (+) to add a widget.


Sure that the physical keyboard of the Blackberry Key2 makes typing emails long is a pleasure, but did you know that there are a lot of hidden features which you can access directly?

In fact, the functions of the keyboard are as solid in Key2 we have created a publication full of tips and tricks just to cover them, but we are going to show you how to configure the keyboard shortcuts to start.

There are two types of keyboard shortcuts. The first, the method of long press, which can only be used from the home screen. To use this method, simply press and hold the key you want to assign and wait for the menu shortcuts. Once the menu appears, you can select among the common tasks, or tap the icon to Open app to select a particular application.

In addition to the shortcuts long, the Blackberry phone Key2 now have a quick key that allows you to open shortcuts from any screen. To assign a shortcut with the speed key, you just touch the speed key and the shortcut key is chosen at the same time and wait for the menu shortcuts.

Once that appears, you can select one of the common tasks, or tap the icon to Open the application to assign a particular application to the key.

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