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Some problems of the Galaxy Note 9 and their possible solutions

The impressive Galaxy Note 9 continues to be one of the best Samsung smartphones to date, despite the fact that it has ceased to be the device Note insignia of the manufacturer, due to the recent release of the Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus. It is powerful, it comes with an amazing camera and has even improved the signature feature of the Note: the S Pen. However, it is not perfect. Below, we tell you what are some of the problems of the Galaxy Note 9 most common and some of the tricks or tips that will make your device to run smoothly.

algunos problemas del Galaxy Note 9

Error: The navigation bar is still displayed while using gestures

A user interface with Android 9.0 Foot has added many useful features to the Note 9, and controls gestures are one of them. However, some users find that the software keys don’t disappear like they should after you activate the new controls. While it is not a complaint as to throw the phone in the trash, is certainly somewhat annoying. Fortunately, the fix seems to be easy.


  • Samsung suggests clearing your cache partition. To do this, power off your device, then press the up key the volume key along with the key Bixby. Then, press and hold the power key. When you see the Android logo, release all three keys. When you see the system Android recovery, use the volume keys and select Wipe cache partition, by tapping the power button to select it. This should not delete your personal data, but even so, we recommend that you make a backup of your phone just in case.

Problem: the camera sounds when you zoom

The Galaxy Note 9 has a unique collection of cameras, but that does not mean that you do not have some problems. The complaints about the freeze and the delay of the camera have disappeared, but have been replaced by another problem: users complain about a buzzing sound while using your camera, which seems to be linked to the use of the telephoto lens or zoom. While some say that the noise is no more than a nuisance, others have found that the problem also involves blurs when using this lens.


  • Unfortunately, this seems to be a hardware problem, so there is nothing more you can do apart from send your device to Samsung for repair.


Some users notice that the volumes of video decrease during the playback of media. The problem is happening on YouTube and other video applications, including the application of video for Samsung, and it seems that this happens several minutes after it has begun the reproduction. The problem persists when the phone is in Safe Mode, or safe mode, which indicates that the problem is not being caused by a third-party application.

A user has given has to know information of a technician from Samsung, which said that a software update could fix the problem, but this is inconsistent with another council of one of the moderators official of Samsung who recommended a replacement unit.


  • It is currently unknown whether this problem is based in software or hardware, and Samsung does not seem to be clear as to what is causing the problem. Get in touch with Samsung and get a replacement unit may be your only solution at this stage.

Problem: notifications silent

Many users have expressed concern that the volume of ringtones and notifications Note 9 are quieter than other phones similar, especially in comparison with the Galaxy Note 8 from last year. It seems that, while the headset is activated for music and video, only used the speaker bottom for notifications and ringtones.



Note 9 using a speaker bottom and an earpiece at the top of the phone to offer stereo sound. Unfortunately, it seems that the headset operates in a manner inconsistent for some users during the mode of Speakerphone in some calls. According to some publications, the top speaker works sometimes if the phone moves, but is short on other occasions.

This is a problem particularly interesting because, as pointed out by some users, the top speaker is only designed to work with music and videos, and should not be activated for the mode of Speakerphone. Some are of the opinion seems to be that the sensor in the top of the phone is doing a kind of short circuit of the handset when it is locked, causing intermittent service.


  • There is still no official solution to this problem, so, unfortunately, your only real solution is to replace your phone by contacting the company for a replacement unit.


The S Pen is a wonderful addition to the Note 9, with some new features that were added to the latest version of the Samsung phone. But some users have problems with the digital pen, reporting that it does not work in certain parts of the screen.


  • Check that your protective case does not have a magnet built in. Many cases with the form of wallet used magnets to keep the lid closed, and the magnetic field can interfere with the S Pen and the optimal operation of Note 9. Remove the case and try again. That should fix the problem.
  • If that doesn’t work, or if you’re not using a holster with magnets, it is possible that you have a screen defective or is a S Pen with hardware problems, so you should get in touch with Samsung and explain the situation so that we can send a replacement.

Problem: the navigation keys do not respond

Several users report that the navigation keys of the software in the bottom of the screen Note 9 freeze and not respond. Users have reported that the problem is intermittent, but when it happens it can take from 10 to 20 touches, to press a command, and often the problem does not go away until you restart the phone.

It seems that the problem is restricted only to devices that use the Samsung Experience default Samsung; a user who is using Nova Launcher said that I only had the problem while I was on the home page of your Note 9.

Apparently, the root of the problem is a recent update of Samsung Pay, which explains why this problem has not been since the release of the Note 9.


  • It seems that a restart of the phone it will clear the problems, at least for a time.
  • A user reported that changing the theme of your Note 9, through the application Samsung Themes solved his problems. This is highly anecdotal, but worth a try if the problem occurs consistently.


  • As the problem is linked to Samsung Pay, the configuration of Samsung Pay should be enough to solve it. It seems that some form of pop-up window invisible Samsung Pay is blocking the keys, and that box disappears once you configure Samsung Pay. It is an awkward solution, yes, but it seemed to work.
  • The problem seems to have been solved with the Android update 9.0 Foot for the Note 9.

Problem: the camera or it slows down or freezes for a few seconds

Users of the official forums, Samsung , and developers from XDA have complained of delays and freezes while using the camera of the Note 9. This problem seems to occur when you take pictures and record videos. The warning “camera failed” also seems to be linked to this problem.


  • The update to the Note 9 to Android 9.0 Foot seems to have solved definitively this problem.

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