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So you can see The Funeral, the episode surprise of the House of The Flowers

el funeral casa de las flores netflix 3
As is usually the case with the series popular that get a lot of followers, or well-premiered the second season of The House of Flowers since many wondered if there would come a third. To the delight of the fans the answer was yes, but while they are waiting for that to happen, the producers of the series wanted to give them a snack.

This is The Funeral, which is already available on Netflix globally. This special episode shows the mourning for the departure of the matriarch of the family, Virginia de la Mora, a role played by Verónica Castro, and-clearly – already never will return to be part of the program.

“The Mulberry have seen and been almost all over, but nothing prepared them for the departure of his mother and the head of the family, Virginia de la Mora. Today, after you weep for her, and to begin life without it, it is time to recall what happened after his death, and to accompany them in this moment, without a doubt, changed their lives forever,” explains Netflix about this episode.

In this special chapter, the final farewell from family and close friends of Virginia will be shared with the fans of the series, who surely will understand that the role of Julian, the multiple “guests” of Elena and the attitudes of Pauline at the visitation, doubtfully would have been approved by your mother. In a way that tries to emulate the tedious and characteristic way of speaking of the character, the episode was promoted with the phrase “Are-you-a-cor-das-te-of-what-that-happened-in-the-fu-ne-ral-of-your-mom, Pau-li-na?”.

In the second season that is already available on Netflix, and that precisely is initiated after the unexpected death of Virginia de la Mora, the family is falling apart. Pauline, who now lives in Madrid with María José and her son, Bruno, is forced to return to Mexico when he learns that the testament of her mother has been contested.

On his return, Paul finds his home worse than ever: his father Ernesto has joined a cult of success pseudo-spiritual; his sister Elena is living an identity crisis as a result of their past relationships, and Julian has found a new and peculiar work that will only bring more problems.

Without leaving aside the search for his long-awaited revenge against Diego, who escaped with the money of the family, Pauline feels the responsibility to rescue his people and reclaim “The House of the Flowers”, but is unable to see that what is really threatening is the home has decided to re-create at side of Maria Jose.

The special episode The Funeral is now available on Netflix globally, as well as the first two seasons of this series of black humour. The third season is already in production.

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