Samsung presents its first camera under the screen

Everything indicates that the cameras under the screen seem to be the next technological advance in terms of devices. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S21 was expected to feature this groundbreaking feature.

However, this has not been the case, although the South Korean company presented this tool anyway. Of course, he has done it through an ambitious video that has, surprisingly, a notebook as the protagonist.

The company's video shows a laptop with an OLED screen that has not yet taken shape, it is the Samsung Blade Bezel, a modern and attractive notebook , whose main novelty is the presence of a front camera, precisely under the screen.

The image shows the first camera under the screen on a Samsung device. Samsung.

The teaser has been published on the page that Samsung has on Weibo, China's popular social network. Although no further details are provided in the registry, it is announced that it would be the first Samsung device to place the camera under the screen.

The company also claims that there is a logical explanation behind this bet, which seeks a better use of the screen. Thus, the area intended for it can be extended, reducing the edges to a small and almost imperceptible strip on the sides.


According to Samsung, the use of the screen would go from 85 to 93 percent, which is not little. Weight and thickness are also reduced, as the new device would weigh 130 grams and be one millimeter thick.

The company has not provided further details on the Samsung Blade Bezel. Neither its launch date nor its price is known, although we can assume that it will not be economical if it is the first device of the firm to have the camera under the screen.

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