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Samsung and AKG want to offer you the best sound with your new hearing aids

Once you’re ready to get rid of the headphones cheap that come with your phone, discover what it is that you should be buy and to find something of quality can be a daunting process. Samsung wants to ease your decision, so it is introducing three new headphones with the superior quality of the legend audio AKG to the united States.

The stars of the show are AKG N700-NC, as the “NC” in the name implies, come with Noise Cancellation, or active noise cancellation built in. You can even control the amount of outside noise that you want to let in, which is useful if you are using when you are not alone, or in a public place, and you want to make sure that you can hear what happens around you. The headphones come in silver and feature up to 20 hours of playback with a single battery charge, although the time consumed will depend on the volume of what you’re listening to, and if you are using or not the noise cancellation.

The AKG Y500 is smaller and lighter, and have a design that covers the ear. This model automatically pauses and resumes playback when you take off and you put it in, and has an excellent playback time up to 33 hours with a single charge. The Y500 are available in varieties of color black, blue, pink, and green. The other cheaper option, the AKG Y100, have a model in-ear fits inside the ear, offering up to eight hours of playback. They come in the same varieties of color as that of the Y500.

“The legacy of innovation and leadership of AKG in the area of audio is second to none, and at Samsung we are proud to present a new line of earphones that will provide design and engineering studio quality to the consumers all over the world,” said Alanna Cotton, general manager of mobile computing at Samsung Electronics America in a press release. “Our new series of wireless headphones AKG allows users to enjoy music exactly the way the artist conceived it: perfectly balanced and true to life”.

Both the Y500 as the Y100 are available starting today for $150 and $100 respectively, while the N700NC will be available later this year for $350 dollars. For more information or to purchase hearing aids, you can visit the website of Samsung, but it is good to know also estaránn available through Amazon, Best Buy, and the web site of AKG. And if you do not find the one you like among the new proposals of Samsung, you can check our guide to the best wireless headphones to suit all tastes and pockets.

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