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Rumors, news, and more about the next Samsung Galaxy phone M20s

telefono samsung galaxy m20s m20Or well Samsung concluded its event Galaxy Unpacked 2019, where he presented a series of new devices and revealed the expected Galaxy Note 10, the speculations about their next devices is intensifying. Between them, every time there are more rumors about the successor of Galaxy M20, a new Samsung phone known for now as the Galaxy M20s, which would come with major improvements and power. These are the news, rumors, leaks, and everything you should know about the Galaxy M20s.

Battery massive

An image of a test lab of South Korea seems to confirm the rumors about a Samsung device with a battery of 6000 mAh. According to the images, the alleged Galaxy M20s apparently exceed the battery of its predecessor, the Galaxy M20 original, by a considerable margin.

Some time ago, came the first rumors about a new Galaxy M20 with a battery life that exceeds even the great power 5,000 mAh of the M20 today. Now, a publication of GalaxyClub revealed a photo that supposedly came out of a test lab of South Korea, confirming the above information.
telefono samsung galaxy m20s battery

Despite the fact that the photograph is of bad quality, the picture shows a battery of Samsung product code EB-BM207ABY, so logically you can assume that it belongs to a device with model number SM-M207F. In addition, it can be a number that shows the capacity of 22.45 Wh, so that, given that the phones operate at 3,85 volt, a quick calculation gives us the capacity in mAh: 5,831, as pointed out by SamMobile

Take into account that this is the nominal capacity of the battery. The ability typical is not very readable, but it seems to be a round number, so that the figure of 6,000 mAh fits both the picture and the nominal capacity is confirmed. Any way, just the existence of a battery of 6,000 mAh is enough to get excited about.

What else do we know about the Galaxy M20s?

In terms of size, it does not seem to be much bigger than the average battery of a smart phone, but as you may notice, is rather thick, so that it would not be surprising that the phone at that power either will be very thin, but for many surely this is a disadvantage that it will be worth it, and a good price to pay for the power and durability of a battery is massive as this.

Not at the moment know a lot more about the phone Galaxy M20s. Just know that it will be part of the series “M” of Samsung, which probably means that this new device will be a mid-range, with specifications good but not excellent, and that, like the other smartphones of Galaxy M Series, will be sold exclusively online. We will keep you informed with more news and rumours when they come to our hands.

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