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Rumors, news and everything about the device streaming to Apple TV Mini

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The star of the Apple event on September 10th will be, without a doubt, your new iPhone 2019. And while fans and the curious are waiting for the new models of the phone, as well as a possible Apple Watch Series 5, these may not be the only devices that present the company.

New information ensures that a Apple TV updated could be on the way, and some publications believe that this is a Apple TV mini, a device that is rumored since a long time ago and you might get to the stage for the first time. This is what is known so far on the device streaming to Apple TV Mini.

Powerful chip updated

The details are not specific. The only change is identifiable up to now is that the next Apple TV will have a chip updated and more powerful, that could be the A12 designed by Apple, or perhaps the A12x. Those CPUS (central processing units) have already found a home in products Apple’s iOS, specifically the iPhone XS and the iPad latest , 2019. As a reference, the Apple TV 4K current has a chip A10x, the same brain that you have had since your launch in 2017.

Center transmission services

A new processor and more powerful generally improve the speed and responsiveness of the Apple TV, but it could also be the basis on which the company could greatly expand what the device is capable of doing. As the company concentrates more on the growth of services such as Apple Music, Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade, the device that Steve Jobs once called a “hobby”, or a pastime, could become a central point for the revenue of Apple in the future.

Betting on video games

The processor 12 is responsible for the countless capabilities of the latest iPhone. If that kind of processing power residing in a small box of streaming, it would be a waste if you only handle the transmission of audio and video, so everything seems to point out that the game is the area obvious for Apple TV. This platform can already run hundreds of titles from the App Store that have been modified to tvOS, but do not go beyond basic games, or casual.

In the past, Apple stated that the A12x offers an improvement of 90 percent over the A10x in some areas, which could be all the power you need the Apple TV to join the career of video game console. In fact, according to Ars Technica, Apple described that the performance of the GPU of the new iPad Pro was comparable to the Xbox One S. As a comparative reference, that would put an Apple TV with the technology A12x between a Nintendo Switch, and a PlayStation 4.

Control of smart home

But even the performance at the level of the console might not be the end of the game for Apple TV. As one of the devices that are an integral part of the ecosystem – HomeKit, Apple (along with the HomePod), it could be that the Apple TV finally evolve to become the center of intelligent home. A more powerful processor could allow the transmitting device to assume that role, without dropping a single frame of 4K video.

How to launch a new Apple TV?

But what does all this mean for the possible appearance of a mini Apple TV? We assume that if we were to launch a device of this type, you would use the chip A10 oldest and only offer the service of video and music from Apple, and not the new Apple Arcade for games. Even so, with an inclusion almost guaranteed AirPlay 2 Siri and Apple TV +, an Apple TV mini at a competitive price could provide a serious competition for the Fire TV, Roku and Chromecast as well.

Will there be a new Apple TV presented the 10th of September? At Digital Trends, you’ll find the answer, as we will cover all the details of the September event of Apple.

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