Rivals Sony and Microsoft join forces to give you experiences I. A. and games in the cloud

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Two rival companies, Sony and Microsoft, have announced that they are joining in a strategic agreement to provide games and solutions of artificial intelligence (A. I.) based in the cloud. This new partnership will allow Sony to bring its service of streaming games and content to the computing platform in the cloud Azure Microsoft.

Azure is a cloud service that uses the Microsoft data center, and is available in 140 countries in 54 regions of the world. This joint effort is aimed to develop future solutions in the cloud to support the services of transmission of content, like games from both companies.

What could this mean for the players? Sony and Microsoft are probably preparing to be a worthy opponent in the whole and come to grips with what Google Stay plans to bring to the table, pointing to produce results under the brands of PlayStation and Xbox to be more robust and capable than the current offerings, such as PlayStation Now.

Joining forces against Google Stay

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Many players and enthusiasts of the technology have been anticipating the next generation of game consoles, and pay attention to any information leaking out before its official release. The big surprise in this waiting was the announcement of Google Stay, a streaming platform ready to take on Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

Stay aims to allow players access to a great content of games, both the next generation as the current generation, regardless of the type of hardware you have. In addition, allows you to transmit high quality games via streaming over the Internet.

Recently we reported that a patent of Sony seems to be related to a competitor of Google Stay with the brand of PlayStation. In association with this revealed, it is likely that we will see even more developments in this line.

Could it be that this means that there will be a single subscription service for the Xbox and PlayStation? It is not likely, but not impossible. What is more certain is that the two have their own respective services, which will be driven by collaboration. The two main companies may even extend to game crossover, but we’ll have to wait and see if that becomes a reality.

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