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Review TV The Frame: spruce up your home with a touch of magic

The Frame Samsung

Review TV The Frame: spruce up your home with a touch of magic

“It camouflages itself so well as a box that goes completely unnoticed as television, and is a unique proposition.”

  • Elegant design and decorative
  • Image quality
  • Control small and simple
  • Not compatible with Cable One Connect
  • Without some of the functions of other The Frame
  • Price subscription works of art
PVS $599.00

Only in terms of design, the tvs simply (and without fading) have shrunk the thickness, in the last few years, to the point that some models are thinner than the finger of a hand or some smartphones. Beyond that thinness that invites you to hang it on the wall, Samsung released in 2017 a new line of tvs with the soul of a work of art: the model of The Frame, unique in its kind, and an option for those who want to pass unnoticed a tv by attaching it as if it were a painting.

A size for small spaces

Marta Villalba / Digital Trends IS

With the possibility of acquiring The Frame with up to 75 inches, the test unit for our analysis is of 32 inches, a size launched in 2020, and the smallest available. With dimensions of 728.9 x 419.4 x 24.7 mm, is oriented rooms of the house large, the living room, like a bedroom or a living room.

To resemble a box, the screen is framed with a metal frame black, an inconspicuous colour that is suited to any space and decorative style. Samsung gives you the possibility of changing this framework, magnetic or other, that are purchased separately, for $ 79 each. In our tests, although we have not hung it on the wall so as not to make holes in the bucket, obviously, the result is that, once installed with the included stand, it is as if it were an actual box in which you can contemplate a painting or a photograph.

the-frame-samsungMarta Villalba / Digital Trends IS

This screen that is disguised as box is connected to a gadget, called One Connect, which brings together all the connections (HDMI, USB, Ethernet,… typically built into the tv). In the box comes a cable to connect both devices with a considerable thickness, it is not the cable that usually comes with these same tvs of larger size (Cable One Connect). This optical cable is very thin and fits in a crevice of the back of the television, but it is not compatible with the size of 32 inches.

If you don’t want to place the tv on the wall, something that doesn’t make much sense in the case of this model, in the box comes a plastic bases that could qualify as basic (clash pretty with the elegant frame). With this support, that we have used in our tests, the tv can also be placed vertically to view works of art with this guidance.

Famous paintings and your own creations

Marta Villalba / Digital Trends IS

As a tv with a soul of painting, The Frame gives the possibility to see 20 paintings and photographs of artists and contemporary classics for free. However, these works are not the ones that most represent them, the most well-known of them. Samsung reserves the most emblematic for the Art Store, which gives unlimited access to thousands of works and hundreds of authors paying a monthly subscription of 4.99 euros per month. The art shop contains a large number of catalogues of major museums around the world. In this virtual gallery it is also possible to buy single images (for 19.99 euros each). As an offer to try this service includes a free subscription for a month.

If you prefer the box to display one of your pictures, an alternative that looks even better if you are going to use the television in your home, you have two options: upload it to “Your photos” directly with the app SmartThings or via a pendrive or USB. To personalize it even more and that looks like a photo frame, in the application includes templates to put different photos lined up or in collage. And then, if you want, you apply to the image, a filter that converts it into a drawing. In our test, the result has been great, and is carried out with ease.

Marta Villalba / Digital Trends IS

Thinking of those who are going to put it in a bedroom, in the configuration options, it activates a night mode to turn off automatically when not detect light in the room. Or you can also choose the auto power off feature, with which you will disconnect after a few hours (1, 2, 3 or 4 hours, as you prefer). One more option: adjust the brightness for the photo to show glossy or matte. A presence sensor detects if someone is nearby and activates the mode art, and when there is no one in the room is turned off to save energy.

A smart TV in every rule

On the side of the technology, The Frame is a television QLED with resolution Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 p), supports HDR and Dolby Digital Plus. It displays images with sharpness, vivid colors and clarity. The sound is also up to the task, with a system of speakers of two channels (20 W), and you can set it so that it fits the environment or amplifying.

As a good smart tv, giving you access to streaming services more and more popular and you can operate it by voice through the wizard of Samsung, Bixby, and the Amazon, Alexa. However, this model of 32 inches does not include features such as Ambient Mode, Active Voice and Multiview, which do work in the models between 43 and 75 inches.

The remote control or remote control, white in color, has a very handy size, and it has few buttons, so it is very easy to handle, even more because it brings some order to access directly to streaming platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Rakuten TV) and activate the voice assistant.

The application Samsung home control makes it possible to use the smartphone as a remote control for The Frame, with the advantage that it has a lot more scope and allows you to perform virtually the same with the remote from another room other than the tv. Since it also accesses the customization of photos with one application of filters that turns them into paintings, shop Art Store and a guide (Universal Guide), with recommendations from TV and movies. We think that most users will get used easily to handle this app after linking to the tv.


Contemplate a painting or a picture on the screen of 32 inches of The Frame has of course a strange feeling and pleasant visually, as if the canvas be charged a certain life. Spruce up your home as if it were a box of magic with exceptional sharpness to the point that she steals the protagonism to other parts of the room. You will fit if you prefer to hide —in this case camouflage– the tv for it not to become the center of attention of a room.

Marta Villalba / Digital Trends IS

However, the cable that comes included is not the ultra-slim Cable One Connect but another much thicker and, therefore, may look pretty when you install the tv on the wall and is much more unsightly than the other. In addition, by not being compatible, you can’t even buy it separate.

With the access to store Art Store, you can enjoy a masterpiece every day of the year, if you want, but to do this you must pay the subscription that is an expense affordable but very probably the majority of users are not willing to pay for it. It seems to us to even better use as a digital frame giant to showcase your best photographs.

As a smart tv, the image quality for its resolution is not the best (4K) but yes very good as was the audio. Like other Samsung models, the interface is simple to manage, and in this case, the simplicity of the remote makes it even easier.

For the moment, there is a proposal similar to this Samsung model. It is a choice, without competition and very original for those that want this device to go unnoticed as television and not as a decorative object. And this uniqueness is paid, as is normal: it costs 549 euros.

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