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Review Redmi Note 9 Pro: analysis and opinion

redmi note 9 pro

Review Redmi Note 9 Pro: analysis and opinion

“When you board a versatile camera, and decent, fast loading for the best for the money and a reasonable price, what can go wrong? It is a worthy successor to the successful generation Redmi Note 8.”

  • Fast charging
  • Decent photos
  • Battery
  • Night mode with low light

Redmi Note series is the most successful of Xiaomi with more than 110 million units sold around the world. In the first quarter of 2020, several models of Redmi Note 8 are in the top 10 of smartphones with the largest volume of orders. With these figures, the bar is very high for the next generation, composed now of three models, Redmi Note, 9, Redmi Note 9S and Redmi Note, 9 Pro. This last, the most advanced of the three, part of a good basis to succeed: a decent camcorder, with some feature of high end and an affordable price.


redmi note 9 pro
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends IS

Redmi Note 9 Pro fits into the mobile phones of large dimensions (165.75 x 76.68 x 8.8 mm). Do not opt for the curved edges and that gives it a greater thickness than other devices which themselves are curved. Therefore, don’t expect a phone slim, but big and somewhat heavy (209 grams), especially when you put the plastic case grey transparent including in the box. It feels robust.

Behind, presumed to finish with mirror effect colour grey gives her an air of premium without being it, also thanks to a metal frame in the same tone. Unlike other phones, no flashes depending on the light, though, like the vast majority, are left with the marks of fingerprints instantly. The chamber, arranged in the center in a module is square, stands out quite a bit, which does not notice when we place the sheath. This part is covered with tough glass Gorilla Glass, the same as your screen, 6.67-inch FHD+ (2,400 x 1,080 pixels). This screen gives the size in quality, and without the intensity of the color or the brightness of the AMOLED. All right.

redmi note 9 pro
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends IS

In short, its design is attractive but quite normal, with nothing that stands out above the rest. The area that is colored in black that extends visually the camera module does not convince us, but it also doesn’t matter with the case.


redmi note 9 pro
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends IS

It is clear that more cameras do not mean better photos, as tested, the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 4. So many lenses what we give is versatility and this is always welcome to us. What is more, it seems that if a mobile does not have today four lenses as little, you are missing something. The only thing that does not include Redmi Note, 9 Pro is a superzoom, a function without which probably many users could live with.

Does having more megapixels means exactly to take better photos, but these can be printed at higher resolution without loss of detail. The quad camera of this phone brings 64-megapixel camera, which on paper allows you to print them out to poster size from three meters with good quality.

The main objective with wide angle is complemented with an ultra wide angle 8-megapixel camera, one depth of 2 megapixels and the other for macro photography 5-megapixel. With this set it takes decent pictures, without a change in the colors excessively, with a quality more than enough for an average user. The night mode lights up a little. In our tests, when taking photos in the dark, just has brought to light, and nothing could be seen in the photo. In scenarios with a little light, yes, it has lit but not excessively like other phones.

The house of selfies, a 16-megapixel camera, it takes panoramic and capture video with effect kaleidoscope, an application that is fun for uploading to social networking content other and with an artistic touch. It is possible to choose between six geometric shapes are predetermined. These filters are only available from the short video, which gives the possibility of recording with different speeds. For this front camera is very comfortable to activate the function “Picture with the palm of the hand”: they simply put it in front of the screen and starts a countdown of three seconds for the shot.

Performance and battery

redmi note 9 pro
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends IS

With this same processor Snapdragon 720G and 6 GB of RAM, its companion series Redmi Note 9S is ranked number five in the ranking of Antutu phones with mid-range best performance. We think that the experience with the model Pro will be very similar to the 9S. The 64 GB of storage should not be a problem if you need more, though you will have to buy a memory card separately (supports up to 512 GB).

The battery of 5,020 mAh battery, with moderate use taking pictures, playing games, reading news and playing video us has lasted a couple of days. The fast load of 30 W, with the charger included of 33 W, it takes only 22 minutes to fill the battery up to 50 percent, according to our analysis. That is the same time that the competition Realme 6 and four minutes more than Huawei P40 Lite and P40 Pro. In total, charge the battery in 70 minutes.


The phone Redmi Note, 9 Pro is based on Android 10 with the layer of customization MIUI 11. It is not in the first batch of smartphones that will come with MIUI version 12 as of June of 2020, but that will come in the second.

If you like phones with pre-installed applications, this comes with many tools, among them FM Radio (listening with headphones through the connection minijack 3.5 mm). Also offers a that is not common on phones, and can come very well: the QR code scanner and documents.

Of third parties, including Facebook, Netflix, LinkedIn, and WPS Office, among other games. If you do not want on your phone, you can easily uninstall.

redmi note 9 pro
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends IS

We like that all of the applications come already sorted into folders according to subject matter, as happens in the iPhone, it is a way to find easily when you have downloaded many. And has a curious shape to rearrange icons automatically on the screen when you uninstall applications: once activated to move, you wave the phone and placed in the empty spaces. We would prefer that the sliding panel of shortcuts can be deployed in vertical and not in horizontal with two screens, but it is a matter of taste. If you are not a user of the software EMUI, its use should not be a problem, you should get familiar right away with him.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro will fit if you’re looking for a phone with a big screen and a quality of room to play games and watch video, although keep in mind that it is not a mobile phone lightweight and slim. Its mirror-finished grey is discreet and with the case still more, since this rear looks black. The battery should give for a day with heavy use. The best thing is it recharges up to the half in a very short time.

With a price of 269 euros (6 GB, and 64 GB), camera takes photos more that decent. But in spaces without lighting, you will need to pull flash, the night mode just brings light. We have loved the possibility to record videos with the effect, kaleidoscope, as well as the possibility of using the macro mode is not only in picture, also in video.

The quick charge of the Redmi Note, 9 Pro is quite fast, especially for a phone that is worth less than 300 euros. It is a time similar to that which offers his greatest rival, the phone Realme 6. For a price slightly below you have the option of Honor 9X Pro, with 6 GB and 256 GB but without the apps of Google, of course.

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