Review of the video game ‘Diablo III: Eternal Collection’ in Nintendo Switch

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection

‘Diablo III: Eternal Collection’ came to Nintendo Switch this month and, finally, we managed to put the squeeze on the console to talk to about it. This edition, released previously on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, includes the original game along with its two expansions, plus all the free updates up to the moment.

For the console of Nintendo, in addition, Diablo III: Eternal Collection comes with items unique from the universe of The Legend of Zelda, as a character of the Trifuerza, a Cucco and pet the chance to dress as Ganondorf, nemesis of Link, through transmogrificación, changing the appearance of a suit of armor from a character without affecting its attributes.


Much time has passed since the official launch of Diablo III, a video game belonging to one of the franchises most renowned Blizzard finally had their comeback in 2012. Since then, went from PC to consoles, both the previous generation as the current one, and it is the first IP of the study, in get to Nintendo Switch. Console that, on the basis of our experience, we feel perfectly.

See the main menu again, after so many years, ensures a sense of nostalgia, but everything has a tint back to be a portable platform. In just a few seconds I already had my character created and ready to start, and the next screen I was surprised with all the information needed to get up to date with all the aggregates in this time through updates.

From new goblins that may appear randomly on the map offering rewards and gold while not to lose sight of, to scenarios and enemies that were added in the last few months. In turn, the seasons (special events that provide equipment and unique rewards for completing challenges during a period of time) are up to date with the other versions of the game, so that I could begin to play in the most recent without problems.

As I mentioned before, expansions, Reaper of Souls, and Rise of the Necromancer are already added by default, ending close this package full of content. And something curious of Diablo III: Eternal Collection, is that you can start with the Adventure mode and venturing into the Fissures of Challenge (special levels for those looking to get the best equipment in the game) with a character created from scratch.

Contents of post-game, so normally it would complete the story at least once, but this way there is no reestricción any to start to play these modes from the beginning, which is a relief for players who already have given him a beating Diablo on PC or other consoles.

In just a few hours, as I was slaughtering everything in my path

My choice, taking advantage that I never had the opportunity before, was the necromancer. In part out of nostalgia since that was not present in the game until 2017 and it was always my character for excellence in Diablo II. It is a character versatile with attacks of short and long-range, which invites you to play aggressively but always keeping a distance.

For short bouts, some of their skills allow you to summon a group of skeletons that will attack everything in reach, or even a golem pretty gross and terrible to the view, formed by various parts of corpses, and imposing their presence with every step.

It didn’t take me long to get back to fall into the clutches of the gameplay: each time your character levels up you will receive not only the best attributes, but also skills to combine and experiment with. And, in just a few hours, as I was slaughtering everything in my path.

My maneuver favorite so far is summon skeletons and my precious golem to do the hard work, while I attacked at a distance with spears made of bones. At the specified time, I use the corpses of demons as explosives, damaging all those around. Yes, the necromancer represents Heavy Metal at all times.

If the skills add them to runes, which are unlocked over time as we ascend from level to level, the experimentation and the possibilities do nothing more than expand. And, above all, will allow you to customize your gameplay.

To be able to enjoy a game of similar scale portable way is, to say the least, surprising.

I also took time to fall into the loop of the genre: look for the best combination of skills is key to face the demonic forces, but the armor that you wear is just as important. Each time you fell an enemy and see it drop an item rare or legendary, always distinguished by a sound and a particular colour, I feel a small adrenaline rush of dashing down to open my inventory and see if it’s better than what I’m wearing.

Find legendary parts of complete sets that provide unique improvements if you have all the parts or special weapons never becomes tedious. Invited to continue for a few minutes more, to explore another cave or another level, in search of the best equipment. It becomes addictive in just minutes.


Spend time in Diablo III: Eternal Collection for someone who already played it earlier might feel familiar, but there is something new in the experience. To be able to enjoy a game of similar scale portable way is, to say the least, surprising. The controls are perfectly suited to the joy-cons, and takes full advantage of the capabilities of Nintendo Switch, so that you can play with up to four players on the same console, so local wireless or online.

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection

Whatever your choice, Diablo III: Eternal Collection fits without problems. I must admit that at times it seems like it had been developed with the future in mind, trying to find the best way to adapt to a console that can be used for about ten hours on a TV or in spare moments during lunch or travel on the bus so portable.

One of my biggest concerns was the framerate because of that, even after so many years since its initial release, a name like Diablo III can sound intimidating to Switch, considering that it is a franchise emblem to display dozens of enemies on-screen simultaneously.

I am surprised at the premise of the arrival of a game so important, as is the hack & slash of Blizzard for excellence, to Nintendo Switch.

Fortunately (and I even dare to say that with a pact with the devil by medium) version of Nintendo’s console runs at 60 frames per second. No matter if you’re playing solo or with four friends on the same console, this is maintained in almost all times. Although there is some low potential, never comes to affect at all to the experience.

Graphically also defends the expense of some textures and lighting effects, but never leaving that affects completely to the aesthetics of the original video game. If you have interest in seeing the greater potential of Diablo III, it is perhaps not indicated. But if you do not bother some sacrifices minor change of a stable performance in both portable as connected to the TV, then Diablo III: Eternal Collection is the perfect alternative.

Here I leave a clip of gameplay from the first hours of the game

I am surprised at the premise of the arrival of a game so important, as is the hack & slash of Blizzard for excellence, to Nintendo Switch. For someone like me who already saw the main story in its entirety, to be able to jump right to the content post game or catch up with the last season makes me feel as if I had never stopped playing.

And for the players who could not jump to the experience before, I expected a long way to go. I just would have liked to see a larger bet on the exclusive content for Diablo III: Eternal Collection in Nintendo Switch, but the fact that it is on par with the other versions in terms of patches and content is something to value.

The future of the franchise of Diablo is, for the moment, uncertain. But there is no better way to wait for a possible sequel to reminiscing about our trips by Tristam and its surroundings. And, if in the future announce that the next main game will come to consoles, I will not have any doubt in choosing the version for the Nintendo Switch with the other.

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