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Review of the Sonos Move

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Review of the Sonos Move

“The Sonos Move is intended to move from one room to another, of course, with all the advantages that the brand offers in its machines, audio quality, connectivity, and modern design.”

  • Communication with Alexa or Assistant
  • Easy management via the app Sonos
  • Reasonable price
  • Sound with powerful bass
  • Integration with other equipment in the brand
  • Charging Base with cord very thin
  • Dimensions that do not make it so portable

After having tested the Sonos Move, the first horn of the mark made to move from one place to another without complications, or at least that is what promises the brand, the feeling is that it is a product that complies with the requirements of sound and connectivity of users, as it plays your favorite music and is compatible with Alexa, and the Google Assistant.

When I first heard of its launch, in September of 2019, I imagined that it was a horn smart that is could bring to any side outside of the house, however, their dimensions, without counting its base load, are not precisely the exact to fit in a backpack.

Sonos One

Once I had it in hands for the second time –the first product that I got for review is simply not going on although it was plugged in all night– and I unpacked, I was surprised that it was not a light article, as it weighs around three kilograms. Yes, your structure is solid and its design, elegant and modern: follows the line of the other audio systems the brand.

In the back of the Sonos Move, in addition to the space that is intended for the user to target your hand and can be carried by the horn, protruding buttons that allow you to turn it on, switch between wifi and Bluetooth, and set it up. They are also a port USB Type-C to feed it power with a charger cell phone and a couple of small plates, in the lower part, which together with the pins of the charging base.

The digital buttons to enable or disable the microphone, pause, or play music, and raise or lower the volume are in its upper part. In general, the speaker stands out for its simple design, as the brand seeks to ensure that all the configuration process can be done through the Sonos application, available for iOS and Android.

The brain of the Sonos Move

The process of setting up the Sonos Move can be simple or complicated, depending on the experience the user has with the brand or your connection to the internet local. It was the first time that I had the opportunity to use a computer of the manufacturer, so I decided to download the Sonos application, create an account and try to communicate the speaker with my phone. Unfortunately, I was in a room where the wifi signal was not strong and could not conclude the process here, so I had to go to the living room, where is found the modem.

The app works as the “brains” of the speakers smart of the brand. From here it is possible to play music from platforms such as Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Tidal and Deezer; listen to radio stations, podcasts, and audiobooks from Audible, Calm Radio, Pocket Casts and TuneIn, and to learn about new proposals to through and SoundCloud. The application also makes it possible to add the artificial intelligences Alexa or Google Assistant to the compatible equipment, review the status of the battery in the case of the Sonos Move and adjust both bass and treble.

apple homepod vs sonos one review top 640x640

A few days ago, at the beginning of November 2019 to be precise, Sonos reported that the Google Assistant already been able to use Spanish in their systems, including the Move, so that the user in Mexico you can order more easily the latest news, traffic reports, play a song and set alarms with your voice.

For those who are concerned about their privacy, at any time, you can deactivate the microphone which allows communication with the Assistant of Google or Alexa, when you press the corresponding button at the top of the horn.

In general, the application works properly at the time of reproducing contents, to control the various systems Sonos at home and set up specific aspects of audio in each speaker. In my case, I use the app from Google Podcasts to listen to programmes from the BBC, NPR and The New York Times, so it was a shame to know that the app was not compatible with this service (although it may be a matter of time for that to change).

Sound experience

The Sonos Move, as expected, delivers a music playback successful in virtually any room or even in a small garden, as it incorporates two digital amplifiers of class D, a tweeter facing downwards and a woofer mid-range.

Outside of these technical specifications, with the maximum volume in the speaker, does not distort the audio of a song or a radio program; the bass are powerful. In addition, the speaker also includes the technology Trueplay, in the that his microphone senses the environment to deliver a better sound, according to the physical conditions of the place.

Obviously, the experience greatly improves when you have linked multiple platforms of music in streaming, when it is active one of the attendees and when the phone that has the app Sonos and the horn are connected to a good wifi network, although this last is also compatible with Bluetooth.

Apple Home Pod vs. Sonos One ofrecen distintas alternativas de servicios de música.

In accordance with the manufacturer’s information, your speaker offers 10 hours of battery life, however, in the tests made, gave about 80 percent of this time, so that if you are going to go out with her, it would not hurt to consider a charger and USB Type-C.

The charging base is not made to move with the team, is designed to stay attached to a fixed point. In addition, it highlights the fact that your cable is not strong enough to withstand the onslaughts of the movement: it could break.


The Sonos Move is a loudspeaker that delivers a sound experience that can satisfy anyone, from the users who are not so demanding with the sound, until those who are immersed in their settings. Despite being a system that is touted to be carried to any place, its dimensions and weight make it difficult to leave the house with it (within the home, there is no problem, its design allows you to take it and place it in any room).

In your case, not including any portable charger, so that the speaker relies entirely on the base to be loaded in strict terms. The problem, as already mentioned, is that this does not seem to be resilient enough to become their companion.

The Sonos Move could be for those users looking to move from a loudspeaker Bluetooth to an audio system more complete and connected to listen to various music platforms in streaming inside, and, a time or the other, outside of the home.

In addition, thanks to its application, it becomes an intelligent device with Alexa, or the Google Assistant, and that opens up the possibilities of interaction and connecting it with the other systems of the house. For all your performance and quality of audio, it can be said that his price of $400 is reasonable.

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