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Review of the PlayStation Classic: it feels like a missed opportunity

The PS Classic is nice for collecting but it’s not really a console gaming.

Sony has entered the world of the miniconsolas with your own PlayStation Classic. There is No doubt that the era of the PS1 saw a lot of cool games, but Sony has not respected this legacy. In contrast, we presented a console-mini that capitalizes on a cute aesthetic, but it falls short in nearly all of the others.

The mini consoles classic, a trend that Nintendo activated with the NES Classic, are the perfect combination of nostalgia and modern technology. Offer a compilation of classic games favorite on a platform compact, it connects easily to a tv, making it unnecessary to buy cable adapters confusing, or browse eBay to find those games that remind us of those good old times.

It is not surprising that players like the concept. However, the PlayStation Classic Sony does not comply with the expectations set by the mini-consoles of great success of Nintendo. In fact, not even close. We were able to test it and this is what you can expect.

Where are the good games?

When it was first announced the PlayStation Classic, the expectation was for real. Finally, one of the favorite companies of millions of players was going to launch its own mini-console collectable, probably giving rise to visions of playing all those retro games favorites. Then came the list of games, and it was disappointing. Some titles notable as Metal Gear Solid, Rayman, and Resident Evil Director’s Cut splashed the collection, but in general, did not meet expectations.

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Names like Grand Theft Auto, Twisted Metal , and Revelations: a Person can cause a flicker of emotion, but, where are the games like Suikoden 2, Valkyrie Profile, Crash Bandicoot, Gex, Tomb Raider , and Tomba? These are the titles that helped define the era PS1. Of course you can use a PS3 and enjoy all those video games for a small fee, but what is the point of a PlayStation Classic if you don’t have the games that make it classical?

Very short of the mark

Maybe we could skip the boring collection of games if the PlayStation Classic will be felt in other things, but the truth is that it also stumbles in any other place where the other miniconsolas shine.

The PlayStation Classic will not meet the expectations of the original console.

For example, the NES Classic comes equipped with 30 exclusive titles , and a vibrant menu of side-scrolling with music bubbling. Each game has four states to save them and you can play in three different display modes each of which looks very good on an HD display.

The PlayStation Classic, on the other hand, only comes with 20 games mediocre, a menu, a silent and uninspired, with only a state to keep for the entire system, without viewing modes that draw attention, or any additional feature of that talk.

Even worse, many games in the PlayStation Classic does not hold up well when scaled up to 720p. The major titles of the console, like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, and Resident Evil Director’s Cut, will make you squint while you are trying to distinguish exactly what it is that you’re seeing. Some display modes and custom a method of enlargement of scale, a more sophisticated may have partially solved the problem.

If you manage to distinguish the graphics, surely the controls will exasperarán, since it has no analog controls. Playing video games that require finer movements, such as Tekken 3 and Siphon Filter, it can be incredibly frustrating.

Even the SNES Classic, which comes with two remotes and 20 games, has a clear advantage over the mini-console PlayStation. With the same amount of offers, your price is $80 dollars, while the PlayStation Classic costs $100. This is a point of high price for a mini console that doesn’t even have the courtesy to include your own AC adapter USB. In almost every sense, the Sony console was very short of the mark.

Do you have anything good?

Of course, the PlayStation Classic is not all bad. Some of its features are smart, and if the software was there, it could be a console pretty nifty. It is a nice replica of the PS1, approximately 45 percent smaller than the original. And you will find some hidden gems in your list of games. Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Rayman, Jumping Flash and Wild Arms , are the games fun and memorable, even today.

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The PlayStation Classic comes with two controls, an HDMI cable, and a cable AC adapter USB that will work with almost any plug-in USB charging cell phone. The mini model has false grooves that seem made for memory cards, but uses a memory card virtual to save progress in the games.

The buttons power, reset, and open are functional, but the disk drive does not open. In its place, the release button is used to change virtually the CDs in sets of multiple disks.

What is the point of a PlayStation Classic if you don’t have the games that made it classic?

Our Opinion

The PlayStation Classic lacks a few of the titles distinguishing features that defined the era PS1, and offers no extra features, interesting that they could make the purchase worth it with the price of $100. The bad choices of design, as the lack of additional states of memory, the lack of a AC adapter USB, and controls without analog sticks, they give the impression of that of the PlayStation Classic was created without taking into account their legacy or consideration for their fans.

It is a missed opportunity by Sony and a disappointment for those who anticipated a well-deserved tribute to an era of games that marked your childhood or youth.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. The mini Nintendo consoles are not only cheaper, but have a better value current and long-term. Take into account also that Sony makes available to many original PlayStation titles on other consoles through re-releases or PlayStation Now, and that is a better way to enjoy them.

How long is it going to last?

The PlayStation Classic loses its appeal once you’ve tried their selection of games. The possibility that you’ll play repeatedly the majority of the titles is low, and while the console is attractive to display, it has a low value of entertainment in general.

Should you buy it?

Our opinion is that it does not. Do not buy the PlayStation Classic if you’re looking for a tribute to an era of amazing games, because you’ll be disappointed.

Perhaps it might seem that we are being unfair, especially to those who are followers unconditional of the mark and are happy to be able to play these few games classics. However, the price makes it difficult to justify this console as a novelty, and lacks of games key to the true PlayStation fans would like to have. It feels like Sony had no audience in mind when putting together this console. PlayStation Classic feels like a missed opportunity.

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