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Review of the Moto G8 Plus: with the special One Action and One Vision

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Review of the Moto G8 Plus: with the special One Action and One Vision

“Ideal for those looking for a phone affordable with a good battery life, an average camera and all the utility of the stock Bike.”

  • Autonomy
  • Camera decent
  • Video horizontal with the phone in vertical
  • Stock Bike
  • You do not have wide angle
  • Not sold in the united States
  • Is not water-resistant

The screen, the technical characteristics, the operating system and other components of the phone seem to be much in all phones. Obviously the quality can vary a lot, but where you can find a lot of variety is on the cameras, especially now that they tend to integrate more than two lenses to capture images by emulating the conventional cameras. This tool has become one of the most important when choosing one or another model of mobile phone.

The battle between manufacturers is here. That’s why Motorola has chosen to launch several phones with this aspect greatly enhanced, as the One series (Vision, Action, and Macro) with identical design but each with a unique feature in the camera. And all the know-how of photographic acquired in that series, Motorola takes it to the mid-range Moto G8 Plus.

Plus: more screen width

Moto G8 Plus brings a IPS LCD screen of 6.3 inches, a little larger than that of its predecessor (6.2), with a notch or indentation in the form of a droplet, a resolution of 2,280 x 1,080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19:9, a format ultrapanorámico perfect for watching videos. All the bezels are very narrow except for the bottom of the screen, something bigger. Not the best of screens, but given the size taking into account the price of the phone. At the top of the cell you will find a connector jack of 3.55 mm headphone jack and a microphone. At the bottom, the USB connection C, another microphone and speaker stereo dual Dolby.

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Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

In 2019, the fingerprint reader back has disappeared from the back of the cell. Instead, we have become accustomed to unlock the phone by pressing on the screen, something very natural and it clears the back. Moto G8 Plus retains the reader and it gives a aspect of the past (yes, technology changes at the speed of light). Only the reader is adorned with the classic M of Motorola and that camouflages and conceals the aesthetics outdated. The iconic logo of this manufacturer is especially well on the glossy finish in black color for the top and navy blue at the bottom. On the whole, this part of the back of the mobile, it looks very elegant thanks to the effect gradient in two-tone. But it is not a mobile phone, a slim, but wide and with a considerable thickness. That width comes in handy to watch video and movies on it.

Video vertical and selfies with portrait mode

Apart from the reader, this rear integrates a triple chamber with a main goal of 48-megapixel camera with a night vision mode as the phone One Visionone goal to capture video ultrangular of 117 degrees, which record video holding the phone vertically, as the One Action, and a depth sensor. We miss a wide-angle lens to take pictures, a feature already available on many other mobile phones of middle range.

The camera of the selfies also stands out with 25 megapixels and the possibility of activating a portrait mode and achieve the effect of bokeh or blur just by clicking on any of the icons for different levels of blur defaults that appear on the screen. More easy impossible. To see you better and erase the imperfections of skin, choose facial beauty automatically and the frog turns into a prince.

Specifications of mid-range (with a special mention to the battery)

The flagship of the family’s Moto G brings the processor of mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 665, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage expandable (up to 512 GB) and battery of 4,000 mAh. It also features quick charge of 15 W: in our tests, the battery was charged from 0 percent to 50 percent in 40 minutes and by 100 percent in 84 minutes. In total up to a full charge are 124 minutes.

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Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

In the section of sound, it has stereo speakers with Dolby certification Is more, with the application Dolby Audio it is possible to make settings smart sound playback, activate the surround sound to watch movies and create custom profiles of audio devices with bluetooth and USB-C. The volume you hear quite high at the maximum in indoor if you want to use it as a speaker at a given time.

With the apps and just the Stock Bike

As is usual in the cellular of Motorola, this model comes with just third-party applications pre-installed. Yes it has the Google. It works with Android 9 and not Android 10, that we do not know if you will come to this phone. Unlike other mobile phones the chinese manufacturer, this model is not in the program Android One.


In the Moto G8 Plus you’ll find the best camera in a cell phone Motorola that combines the best of all the models, except for the lens for macro photography One Macro. The phone’s camera does not disappoint, take great pictures, with the addition of that record videos horizontal with the phone in vertical, which will delight those who are all day by pressing the red button on the screen. It is a feature that now has no other phone, except your youngest brother the One Action. In the mode of night vision, as it happens with many other phones, the photos are beautiful but not realistic.

With a wide screen and the enhanced sound, it is oriented to users that are looking for a phone to enjoy media content. Is it a good buy? For 269 euros (about $300), without a doubt, mainly because of the versatility of the camera and the battery. But for this price you also find other options more powerful in specifications (Xiaomi Mi 9T and Realme 5 Pro) but the stock Bike that give it so much personality and usefulness to the phones of Motorola.

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