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Review of robot vacuum cleaner friegasuelos Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920

revision del robot aspirador friegasuelos ecovacs deebot ozmo 920 2

Review of robot vacuum cleaner friegasuelos Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920

“This model offers a good autonomy and navigation technology and mapping excellent, but the scrub is too superficial.”

  • Sufficient autonomy
  • Good sucked
  • Map navigation excellent
  • Possibility of limiting zones
  • Possibility of cleaning fee for stays
  • Scrub lightweight
  • It recharges in three and a half hours

The robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way, with models that offer more features for the same money in a range of prices becoming more reasonable, given the large number of brands and models that compete between them. On this occasion, we have analyzed for you one of the aspiring and trapean or scrub at the same time: the Deebot Ozmo 920, of Ecovacs. It is the most advanced in the catalog of this chinese manufacturer with both functions after the Deebot Ozmo 950. How do you get rid of using the mop or the mop? Is it worth buying? We have tested it for three weeks to tell you what is more and less we liked him.

Two powers of sucked

As any other robot vacuum cleaner, before you start to use the Deebot Ozmo 920 you’ll have to find a place to plug in the charging base and leave it there permanently (and make sure it’s a site that reaches the signal wifi). It is important to respect the distances indicated by the manufacturer for which the machine is located and be able to leave without problems to aspire to. Then, to be able to manage it at a distance, touch connect the robot to the wifi network from home through the app Ecovacs Home. It is a simple process, if you’re used to pair devices and manage applications.

When you are aiming you can see in the app, from any place, the path that follows at all times.

Before first use you must recharge the battery during 4 hours. Once ready for operation, through the app you can choose between a sucked-in standard and a more powerful (Max.). The basic option aims to spare a normal dirt, lint, crumbs of bread, and other remains lightweight and, in addition, the noise level is very bearable. There is the option in the app you can set up the robot to automatically increase the power to the maximum when it detects a carpet. In our tests with rugs, the vacuum cleaner is autonomous has logged in without problems a thick. However, when they try to suck a fine carpet, the robot raises it up by the edges and bends in such a way that hinders their work. When you select the maximum power, aspires to more, but also increases considerably the level of noise.

revision del robot aspirador friegasuelos ecovacs deebot ozmo 920 7
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends, in Spanish

The warehouse where is stored the powder has a size sufficient to aspirate complete, although it all depends on the level of dirt and how often you use it. If you put it almost daily, it won’t be small. In this model, the reservoir is sheltered in the interior under the lid. When you open it, simply pull the handle to remove the tank. In another area, which is also hidden when the lid is closed, there is a small compartment to accommodate the small brush that facilitates the cleaning of the filters in the tank and cut the tangled hair if necessary. Unlike other robot vacuum cleaners, this model cleaner with two side brushes instead of one (in the box come two more spare).

For those of you who live with pets, the robot comes with a vacuum attachment directly —that replaces the brush roller type which houses in the interior— specially designed to remove hair without getting tangled in the machine.

Sufficient autonomy

According to the manufacturer, the robot offers an autonomy of approximately two hours. In our tests, most of the times, with the standard power has sucked all the house in about 90 minutes (involves an area of about 97 square meters) with the function of automatically increasing the suction activated (three carpets). When you select the maximum power of vacuuming, the battery (3,200 mAh) lasts less than with the standard. In the Max mode. has sucked between 75 and 80 minutes, but he has not given time to everything and has gone to the base of load and then re-aspirate that was left pending.

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Marta Villalba/Digital Trends, in Spanish

The battery recharges in three and a half hours, a time much higher compared to, for example, with the Roomba 965, of a similar price. This time is not a problem if you vacuum once the house. However, if you do not complete the vacuuming, keep in mind that, three and a half hours after, will be out again to finish the job. At that time, perhaps you’ve arrived at home and what best can be annoying to be in her while she sucks, while it does not have why be a problem, it all depends on your tastes, schedule and needs.

Trapea, but little

For the function of mopping or scrubbing (Ozmo), the robot incorporates a reservoir that should be filled with tap water. After inserting the full tank of water on your site, you acoplas the accessory in which you must place a microfiber mop or a cloth white of use and throw (in the case includes five). As you insert this accessory, an easy task for anyone, is now ready for scrubbing.

Trying to suck a fine carpet, the robot raises it up by the edges and bends in such a way that hinders their work.

The manufacturer says that in this mode, the machine removes 99 percent of bacteria in the soil. But that does not remove are the stains that may be in the kitchen or in other rooms. The robot performs a cleaning too soft as to disappear. So no, you won’t forget the mop or the mop, you will have to continue using this tool.

In the app it is possible to choose the level of water flow: low, medium, high and very high. Even selecting the latter, the trace of water left on the ground when passing is minimal, barely wet, so it dries quickly.

Very precise map and route cleaning sorted

One of the features we liked about this model of Ecovacs is the technology of navigation and mapping Smart Navi 3.0: as soon as it gets to operate, the vacuum cleaner self-start to explore the field through a camera (sticks out at the top of the robot), and sensors. So, the app creates an accurate map of the different rooms of the dwelling (including multiple floors). When Deebot Ozmo 920 is sucking, you can see in the app, from anywhere and in real time, the path that follows at all times (drawing a few white stripes on the blue background of the map).

The cleaning path begins by the boundaries of a room and then goes down everything else in rows, in such a way that does not leave any area without cleaning it, provided that it is clear and can be circular.

Voice Control with Alexa

Every time that starts or ends an action, or what happens any mishap, for example, to stay hooked in the legs of a chair, communicates by voice: “I’m picking up the cleaning”, “I’ve completed the cleaning. Returning to the charging station”, “I’m starting to charge me”. If you use the Amazon Alexa, you can connect it to your device to give it commands by voice. If not, from the app you can control everything from turn it on from the office and see the path of cleaning directly to schedule it to start vacuuming at the time that you want. Also see the history of cleanings, rename it, reset the level and activate the do not disturb mode, among others.

We have loved the possibilities of customization for you to clean some areas but not others. There are two possibilities, one of which is that you can select the specific rooms that need cleaning. Another, delimit a zone that you don’t want that access. For example, a carpet on the way scrub, or a space with pots in the ground.


Deebot Ozmo 920 sold exclusively on AliExpress for 499 euros (about $550 usd). A price that is not suitable for all pockets, but just right for so many good benefits. Despite the fact that do not scrub the floors as we would like, that is to say, a fund to replace the mop, yes we recommend a vacuum cleaner robot with this feature included because in this way captures more dirt and it all adds up.

We have not analyzed rivals and also scours, between them, Conga 3490 Elite, Xiaomi Roborock S50 Vacuum 2 and Rowenta Smart Force Essential Aqua, so I can’t tell you if it is worth more than other models. If you buy one, you wont be dissapointed, even if it involves shelling out a substantial amount of money.

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