Review laptop convertible HP Spectre x360 13

hp spectre x360

Review laptop convertible HP Spectre x360 13

“Combines design and functionality in equal parts, with good technical characteristics and accessories, and agrees with all of this.”

  • Design superpremium
  • Won’t weigh you down in the backpack
  • The versatility of a convertible
  • Fast charging
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Stylus is included
  • Without the outer buttons to adjust volume
  • Without support to attach the stylus

The american multinational HP leads the past two years launching equipment pioneers in some way in design. All are proposed with a maximum: trapping the senses, especially sight, with models HP Spectre Folio and HP Envy Wood. In laptops convertible this strategy is embodied in the HP Spectre x360, a laptop is special because of the cut corners, and their combination of materials and colors. The result: a level of supreme sophistication.

Design: premium falls short

HP Spectre x360 13 oozes elegance from all four sides. Manufactured in a single piece of aluminum, its color navy blue matte almost black combined with golden hue (very subtle, sometimes it is silver) of the edges, the hinges and the logo of HP in the lid. The result is a luxurious appearance, such as fine jewelry, which you will not find in any other laptop on the market.

hp spectre x360
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

As in the previous generation, the most distinguishing feature of this PC to the view is the cropping of the top two corners. Aesthetically this detail gives personality and, in addition, HP takes advantage of this space to clear other parts, and integrate the power button (left side) and a USB-a port C (on the right) to load comfortably while the computer is in standby.

In terms of ports, it comes with the essentials, and is a lot taking into account the thickness and the size of this portable 2-in-1: on the right side is the slot for micro-SD card, the button to turn off the web camera, a USB -C with Thunderbolt 3 and the light load of the battery. On the left side, the headset jack or the microphone and a USB port-A.

hp spectre x360
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

The computer incorporates a touch screen of 13.3 inches without bezels in a body of a minimum size. With an IPS panel, glossy, and a Full HD resolution, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass NBT and a technology anti-reflective coating. The screen of this laptop displays content with an excellent quality. It allows you to work even on a sunny day without problems, especially if you raise the brightness to the maximum, but this will cause a greater consumption of the battery. Our unit of analysis not account with the polarizing filter of privacy-Sure View of HP.

Perfect for travel

HP has managed to reduce the size of the chassis with respect to the previous version and the laptop does not occupy anything, it should be in a bag with no problems. When it does not feel heavy, with 1.3 kilos (2.8 pounds), but yes, it is a weight considerable taking into account the size of 13 inches. It feels very robust and strong door hinges.

When you’re on a table is very stable thanks to rubber reinforcements that prevent slipping. If you put it on top of the legs to work, you will notice that it heats up more than desired, although neither comes to be a problem.

hp spectre x360
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

Aimed at users looking for a portable premium at its highest level, HP includes a stylish black leather case to transport it more safely, while preserving the elegance (fits like a glove). The stylus also comes in the box is included (it is the Pen HP Tilt, which is worth 99.99 euros). With the app’s Whiteboard, this accessory facilitates the handwriting and the drawings using different pens (colors, thicknesses, etc) to want to give you a creative use for it. But it is a pen you will have to take it apart because the laptop has no space or support for adhering magnetically.

Good equipment, technical

With a processor Intel Core i7-1065G7 of 10th generation, 8GB LPDDR4-3200SDRAM, hard disk 512 GB, Intel graphics Iris Plus and Windows Home 64, the performance will not be a problem, will allow you to be productive at work. In moments of leisure, for entertainment with tv shows and movies, not to let you down and also with games which are not too demanding, it is not a device to play.

hp spectre x360
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

Audio could not be less than in design, and it has two dual speakers Bang & Olufsen. The sound is heard clearly and with a volume high enough. For tablet mode, would be useful a few physical buttons external, because the keyboard are below.

A keyboard and a touch panel comfortable

To achieve that size is so small and handy, HP Spectre decrease the space dedicated to the keyboard (full), and even so, the keys are well spaced apart and we have been very comfortable (although the keys are a tad hard to press for our liking). For use in low-light conditions, has a backlit keyboard with two lighting intensities that will fit with a physical button from the keyboard. To protect privacy, also have a mute button microphone.

The touch panel or touchpad is smaller than normal and may be a little small if you’re used to using a bigger one. Apart from this minor space, and it works smooth and precise.

hp spectre x360
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

The right side of the touch panel, just below the arrow keys, you will find a small square: is the fingerprint reader fingerprint. It configures very easily and it is very useful because it is accessed very quickly, and because if you also have enabled the access for facial identification Windows Hello, it is not necessary to put right in front of the webcam to unlock, simply put your finger there, and ready.

Battery for the whole day

The battery can be one of the most important points when choosing a laptop. In our tests with the screen brightness at a medium level, their autonomy has reached the six and a half hours with a continuous playback of YouTube video. Please note that the autonomy can vary greatly depending on the use that is given, as is the case with any other device. If the battery runs out, the HP Spectre x360 13 load very quickly: in half an hour reached the 50 per cent.

hp spectre x360
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

The power adapter type C for charging it has a small footprint and the cable covered with fabric provides an aesthetic more in line with the degree of refinement of the portable than the conventional rubber.


The laptop HP Spectre x360 13 has an aesthetic superpremium, it is robust and comfortable for travelling because of its small size and weight. Has the connections necessary and facilitates the privacy with physical buttons. Their autonomy should be sufficient for the whole working day.

You will fit if your priority is design exquisite and, at the same time, you need a laptop that ensures a good performance for both work as well as to entertain. Some of the specifications, like RAM or hard disk, are not the most advanced but a laptop neither requires. Is not oriented to users more techies, and increase significantly its official price of 1,499 euros (us$1,600 to the change), since there is already a considerable amount (the design is paid).

In the segment of convertibles, if you are looking for a similar proposal, HP Dragonfly is lighter than the Spectre x360-13 and less elegant. If you need a laptop bigger, can encajarte the model HP Spectre x360 15. Of other manufacturers, with 13-inch, consider the option Lenovo Yoga S730 or Dell XPS 13, also elegant, but its design is a far cry from the Spectre x360.

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