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Review Huawei Nova 5T, a phone geared to the younger

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Review Huawei Nova 5T, a phone aimed at the younger

“Gets a score of remarkable high, but the price is a little above with respect to some rivals. ”

  • Elegant aesthetic
  • Camera versatile and decent
  • Fast charging
  • Good performance
  • Very manageable with one hand
  • Price
  • Is not water-resistant
  • Not sold in the united States

The last phone of top of the range Huawei, the model Mate 30, does not come with the apps and services of Google. But the prohibition of the united States did not reach the Huawei Nova 5T, and that’s why this model itself integrates all the software of the search giant, along with the EMUI 9.1 (based on Android 9). Is a phone oriented towards young people (including spirit), especially by the possibilities offered by the camera to create content animated, such that both amuse adolescents.

For a sleek and manageable

Huawei Nova 5T brings a screen, of 6.26-inch, high-definition that stands out for displaying vivid colors and sharp. To accommodate the front-facing camera, the manufacturer has opted for a hole in the upper-left side. With barely any bezels, make the most of the surface.

In the back, made of polycarbonate, it boasts a chic and discreet mirror finish and a four lens camera. The fingerprint reader is not there nor under the screen, but on the right side, a site which is very convenient because you hold the phone with your thumb just there naturally (and it works very fast).

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Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

Is a phone lightweight, sleek and, best of all, very manageable: you can use it with one hand very easily even to use the camera, something that other phones did not happens especially taking selfies.

For its finish, fingerprints will adhere instantly and is very slippery, so we recommend a cover that what free of those stains and to protect. But the sheath is not included, you’ll have to buy it separately. What if you’ll find it are few headphones or earphones with USB y-cable C, to which you can listen to music straight out of the box. If you have the classic earphones with connector jack 3.5 mm, Huawei provides an adapter for USB C, so you can use them with this phone.

A versatile camera, and with a mode emojis 3D animated

Huawei Nova 5T bet by four cameras: the main with sensor 48 megapixels, a wide-angle lens 16 megapixel camera, the other for portrait mode, 2-megapixel camera and a macro lens of 2 megapixels. In the front camera has been mounted a sensor 32 megapixels. And all of this is complemented with a mode night-vision that illuminates the photos effectively.

Thinking of the younger, Huawei has incorporated to the main menu photo mode lens AR, which allows you to create emojis animated (3D Qmoji) with augmented reality, with a proposal similar to the Animojis iPhone and the AR Emoji Samsung. If you like the photos fun and creative, you also have the option Photo with motion (to create animated GIFS) and Painting with light (add different light effects). And attention youtubers and instagrammers: to activate the mode to take a selfie or record a video of yourself, before you give the button to capture, given the possibility of exit to regulate the level of beauty to leave you with a smoother skin surface.

According to our tests, and as you can see a gallery of images, the chambers of the Nova 5T are very capable.

Too much performance and fast load

The technical features of the Nova 5 T are expected in a mid-range phone high Huawei: processor Kirin 980, the same that carries the P30 Pro, which gives fluidity and speed, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB of storage (with no possibility of expansion with microSD cards), battery, 3,750 mAh and fast charging of 22.5 W. With this equipment, you won’t be missing power or even for games. Nor battery for a day even with heavy use. The quick charge delivers on what it promises Huawei: in half an hour loading up 50 percent and with an hour more to be full. Does not have wireless charging, nor is it water-resistant.

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Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

If you compare your battery with other mid-range, in this range as many cellular bring one with at least 4,000 mAh for less price than the Nova 5T. For example, Realme 5 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 9T, Galaxy A70, OPPO AX7 or Huawei P Smart Z.

The whole experience EMUI 9.1

This phone from Huawei integrates many applications and tools, such as Health care, Hicare or App Gallery and mirror, Phone Clone, recorder… This layer of customization adds shortcuts to functions such as screen recording, projection, wireless or wi-fi Zone and many other useful functions that allow you to get more out of your phone. In regard to third-party applications, it only comes pre-installed with the of (and the classic Google, of course).


In the Nova 5 T note the know-how of the chinese manufacturer in photography, although this model has not worked with Leica. Your camera does not disappoint and the mode Lens AR is fun.

We love the layout of the fingerprint reader on the side for their convenience and speed. If you are looking for a phone with style, lightweight, manageable –that do not give problems to use it with one hand–, with a good performance, a range of decent and a very complete camera, this model is for you.

The phone Nova 5T gives good results in all categories, though the price of 429 euros is slightly above other models and rivals (among them, the above-mentioned realme 5 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9T). If you have no hurry to buy it, maybe find it for less at the Black Friday or in promotions with special discounts. But it is not what you will find in the shops of the united States.

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