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Review and features of the Android operating system 9 Foot

Android 9 Foot, the latest version of the Google mobile operating system, is packed with new and improved features, rounded edges, artificial intelligence, and ensures that you try to take care of genuinely your well-being digital. Although it is possible that your phone does not yet have Standing (that is pronounced “Pay”), will launch new devices in the coming months, and it is expected that older phones will receive the update during the next year.

In order to have a correct view, we have been using the final version of Android 9.0 Foot during the last few weeks in a Google Pixel 2 XL, and we have also spent time with the update for the OnePlus 6 and the Essential Phone. Although not listed all the new features in this review, we tell you the good, the bad and the ugly of the new operating system of Android.

Visual changes and navigation

You can say goodbye to sharp edges. One of the first changes that we noticed with Android 9 Foot is the current appearance of the interface. Notifications have rounded edges, the tiles of the quick settings are in circles clean, and the Settings app has been revamped with an interface more colorful and elegant. Makes the operating system feel more user-friendly and fluid, and we are happy with the change.

android 9 pie revision review bottom close

Perhaps the most drastic change, however, is found in the navigation menu. Gone are the navigation buttons of Android, in favour of a single icon in the form of a pill. Like iOS on the iPhone X, Android gives the welcome to navigation with gestures: use gestures instead of tapping icons. We like the idea, but the current implementation of Google in the Foot does not feel very smooth.

The gestures for navigation that are implemented in Distance do not work well at all.

Like all changes, it takes a while to get used to the new system of Navigation Gestures, but even after testing it for more than three weeks still don’t like it very much. Fortunately, you can always return to the navigation buttons of Android’s traditional, although some manufacturers will have activated the control by gestures by default.

If you go up to the top of the notification drawer you’ll see that the clock is now located on the left side of the system tray, and the area of the quick settings is now filled with mosaics rounded. It looks more clean, but we’re sad to see go away some functionality.

We should mention that many of these visual changes might not be the same for you that that we have in our Pixel 2. Android Walk maybe it will look different on your smart phone, but you will still need the same improvements and changes.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The artificial intelligence is present in several aspects, but there are three roles that sees the potential of machine learning. So we have been able to check with the new features, the A. I. is not just a buzzword in the Android Foot: it really works.

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Adaptive Brightness Adaptive)

A new brightness slider called Adaptive Brightness shows part of the machine learning in Android 9.0 Foot. The screen will adjust to the ambient light as always, but the brightness adaptive now learn through the manual adjustments that the user makes throughout the day. You will learn your habits over time, and will adjust the brightness accordingly. Basically, it is designed to ensure that you don’t have to keep changing the brightness manually all the time. It works surprisingly well, but you definitely need enough time to learn your preferences to daily.

Actions need time to learn your routines, and when it does, it offers shortcuts that are very useful for the user.

Actions (Actions)

The machine learning power two additions in the Android Pie: Slices and Actions. This latter predicts the actions that you’re about to do, and inject two buttons in the application drawer. For example, if you are about to send a text message to a friend, can provide you with a direct access fast that you can touch to open your messaging application, and jump directly to the contact.

android 9 pie revision review notifications shortcuts


The function Slices, added more details when you search for content and apps in your phone. For example, if you type “Uber” into the search bar, you can find a link to find a driver to take you to your home or work. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available, but will arrive at some point this fall.

Enhanced features to make your life easier


The actions that you can perform in the notifications look much better now: “Reply” and “Mark as read” no longer divided by separate, but floating in the notification box. The changes help to make the interface look more clean, and also make the colors more bright. You can even view images directly in the notification, so no need to open an application to respond, which helps the notifications more useful than ever before. It really makes multitasking on a phone will feel faster.

These changes are minor, but together, you change drastically the experience of Android.

Intelligent Answers

Android handles notifications incredibly well, but Google has not finished to innovate. In Android 9 Foot, you will now find intelligent answers in the notifications. Still do not work with all applications, so that it is difficult to determine how useful they will be eventually.

Do Not Disturb

There are many other changes that simply enhance the daily use of the operating system. For example, Do Not Disturb as there is a mess of confusing options. In its place, tap it once and the operating system will block completely all the interruptions visual and audio. You can even flip your phone upside down to activate it. It is simple and incredibly effective.

android 9 pie revision review volume slider


Do you always have problems with the volume control buttons? Now, if you increase or decrease the volume, by default, also changes the volume of the media. You can touch an icon to toggle between three modes: Sound, Vibrate, or Mute.


Now you can take screenshots by tapping an icon again in the menu to on (appears when you hold down the power button) and edit, cut, or write on screenshots right when the outlets. This feature has already existed on iOS for some time.

android 9 pie revision review orientation lock

Screen rotation

One of our favorite features is the screen rotation function. We’ve all encountered moments in which the phone’s screen rotates unnecessarily to the landscape mode. Now, when you activate the lock screen, an icon appears when you turn on your phone, giving you the option to rotate.

Taking care of your well-being digital

There are four key components to the function of Digital Wellbeing, which is currently in beta for devices Pixel. The updated option of do Not Disturb, mentioned above, helps to completely block all of the alerts to be able to concentrate or pay attention to what you’re doing without interruptions.

android 9 pie revision review digital wellbeing 700x467 c

Is also App Timers, which allows you to set a limit of how much time you can use an application. After reaching the limit, the icon of the app changes color to white and black to remind you that you must comply with your limit. It’s nice to see this available in the operating system, but it requires strength of will of the user.

The control Panel in the Settings menu is also a revealing to see all the times that you wake up and you unlock your phone, or the amount of notifications that bombard you on a daily basis. It is beneficial if you only want to track what occupies most of your time.

Wind Down effectively, it makes us charge the phone before going to sleep.

The final component is called the Wind Down, and is perhaps the most useful of the lot. In a specific period of time, the entire screen of the phone is put on grayscale. It sounds subtle, but to see the missing color for the icons of the applications like Twitter made us want to leave the phone. The do Not Disturb mode is also activated, so that you can leave the habit of checking notifications before going to bed.

We are excited to see that these new additions will come to other Android devices after the end of the trial period.

Our Opinion

It is interesting to note that, little more than a month after Google launched Android 9 Foot, we are using it in three different phones. While it may not seem like much, it is a big leap for Google and a great help to Android, which has been struggling with fragmentation for quite some time. We hope that most of the new Android phones that come out this fall to arrive with Android Foot installed, and that the older devices are updated at a faster pace.

Android 9 Foot is one of the larger updates of Google. Android 7.0 and 8.0 managed to a large extent the things under the hood, but this version brings new visual changes. There are so many small improvements that your daily use of Android will improve drastically, and the injection of artificial intelligence is useful and effective. We hope that Google can modify your navigation system by gestures to make it a little less confusing, but otherwise, the Android Stand is a platform that you should update.

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