Returns a classic console noventera laptop

At the end of the decade of the 90’s, the reign of the portable consoles had almost an exclusive dominator: Game Boy of Nintendo. And despite the many efforts of the competition, no one could dethrone his reign trade.

One of those who tried with little success was a company called Tiger Electronics, which in September of 1997 he launched the Game Com, an alternative portable with touch screen 12-by-10 square, and which mostly was aimed at an adult audience.

As he says a specialized portal in retrovideojuegos, “Tiger had, besides, many contacts, and licensing of characters for use in their consoles LCD, which still remained in force, with what the console had the possibility of having a list really long of Killer Games, including Mortal Kombat, Williams Arcade and Sonic, to name a few. However, all had to be developed in-house by Tiger (the third-party support was basically non-existent), and the result was frankly bad.”

Sony Tiger

What is certain is that with that in mind, the toy manufacturer Hasbro wanted to remove dust from the work started by Tiger Electronics, and began to revitalize these old consoles noventeras portable.

In this version, it will look X-Men Project X’, The Little Mermaid, Transformers and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 as the official titles.

Through a press release with the site The Verge, Hasbro explains the features of this revised edition.

“They all have a configuration of control family friendly, with a graphic monochrome display on a static background, and colorful. Each unit operates on two AA batteries (which, of course, are not included). The design and the technology were created taking into account the unity game portable original”, the company says toy.

X Men Tiger

The replica of the console from Tiger by Hasbro would be on the market in August of 2020 and its approximate price would be around $14.99 usd.

The nostalgia of video games that will surely gaining adherents, whenever the new consoles come with backwards compatibility with cartridges of old, and that several have chosen also by the way of emulators. So much nostalgia that until Atari started to release cheap to resurrect its glorious past.

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