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Reasons why your air conditioning doesn’t work properly

The systems of air conditioning and refrigeration today are more intelligent and more efficient than ever, but don’t always respond as you expect, especially if you have a device older than that. If your air conditioning does not work and your house seems like an oven, perhaps it is due to some of the reasons that we will explain below.

Clogged filters

si tu aire acondicionado no funciona, revisa los filtros. En la imagen, dos de color blanco. cionado de color blanco

The air conditioning units from home typically have a filter located near the fan in the duct system. These filters are, in most cases, disposable and need to be replaced from time to time.

When the filters are forgotten and left too long, they start to become clogged with dust. This reduces the speed of the air flow, which means that the cooled air can’t spread through the house like it’s supposed to do it, even with the air conditioning unit in operation. Do not get cold air, and your system has to work much harder than it should be. Fortunately, it is easy to check the filter and replace it if necessary.

When you purchase new filters, make sure you get the right size that is marked on the individual filter. You can find packages of filters in any department or shop of articles for the home. The filters will also have arrows on them, designed to orient them the same way that the air flows in the ductwork where you put them. A little practice and this simple step is done without effort.

The outdoor units to be dirty and clogged

unidad condensadora con forma cuadrada y gris ubicada en el exteriorvia: Wikimedia

The cooling systems have larger outdoor unit that houses the condenser and the compressor where the refrigerant gas passes to gas-liquid. This unit expels the hot air (taken from inside) to the outside. The capacitors are long lasting, but the outdoors from one season to another may suffer. If your air conditioning is not cooling well, it is a good idea to go out and check your condenser.

In the first place, make sure that there is no waste in the unit. If you have grown up bushes or branches of trees near the condenser, clean them. The unit needs to be unobstructed to function efficiently.

Secondly, look closely at the fins of the condenser, or the section in the form of a grille that is designed to help the heat to dissipate in the air. If these fins have a layer of dirt, can no longer function effectively. A cloth, some hot water and a cleaner that is lightweight can return to work in a short time.

Note that this also applies if you have a heat pump: the big difference is that a heat pump can reverse the process to bring the heat inside the house, as well as cool it.

Problems ducts

imagen que muestra una casa en obras con los conductos de aire al descubierto

The ducts can be very different, but they all work to channel the cooled air (or heated) to the rooms of the whole house and allow the air to again flow through the vents for the air conditioner to cool (or hot). If you’ve ever heard the term “balance of the air”, it generally refers to how the ducts and the vents move air throughout the house.

Unless you have an air conditioning unit for a single room, the ducts are a key part of the system and the problems can prevent your home to cool properly. Cracks, gaps or missing sections of the ducts will cause the cold air will not reach the room properly, and your air conditioning is probably not very effective.

The challenge is that the ducts are not visible. You can check if the pipes are unlocked, but what happens if there is one more hidden, something very likely? One of the most effective ways to do this is with a team of two people. One goes to the basement, attic or space under the roof to see the ducts while the other carries a lantern into the grilles of ventilation. See the cracks of light that is a good sign that the ducts are cracking and need to be repaired or replaced.

Problems with the coolant

aparato refrigerante conectado a un ventilador

The refrigerant in an air conditioning unit is a closed system. However, with time, small amounts of refrigerant can leak out. Air conditioning with a little coolant will start to run for longer periods of time without being able to cool a house efficiently.

The best way to see if this is a problem is to organize a maintenance visit from a technician who is able to measure the current levels of coolant and add more the correct type of coolant if necessary. This is a situation in which you cannot determine the source of the problem just by looking at the air conditioning, and the test of the coolant is best left in the hands of a professional.

Thermostats problematic

una pareja en una cocina moderna de estilo industrial y en primer plano un termostato nest colgado en la pared

This happens a lot with older homes and the old thermostats that stop working slowly over time. The mechanical thermostats, in particular, may find problems in sensors that make it difficult to detect the temperature with accuracy, which in turn leads to unpredictable results of the air conditioning.

That’s why we strongly recommend to switch to one of the great smart thermostats of today if possible. Thermostats from brands such as Nest and Ecobee are accurate, durable and can help you save money on the power bill without too much extra work.

An air-conditioning unit of a size inappropriate

cocina con techo de madera

This is not a problem so common, but it’s worth observing if you have recently finished a remodeling project or purchased a new home. This can be particularly problematic if you have recently become a space without air conditioning, such as a porch or a garage, a living space with air conditioning. The units of HVAC have the size and the design required to manage a specific amount of air to an area of a certain size. If you put an air conditioner that is too large and powerful for your home, it will shut down often and you will have difficulties to maintain the stays fresh in a reliable manner. If your air conditioner is too small for your home, or has become too small due to a recent renovation, you work too hard without being able to cool a room.

Some air conditioning units provide information about the size of a plate together with the data of the levels of efficiency. If not, at least you will have a number of series that you can check online for more information. Compared to the square footage of your home to check if it’s the appropriate device.

Problems with the heating of the house

Sometimes, the air conditioning works well, but the errors in the handling of the heat sources in the home can counteract the cooling, leaving you with results that are less than impressive. You try to turn good practices into habits, such as:

  • Open the windows at night to cool off, but make sure the windows are closed in the morning so that the hot air can’t enter. Use curtains or blinds to prevent sunlight add a heat unnecessary to your home during the day.
  • If the weather stripping of your doors and windows (that felt on the edges to help seal) is worn, you can enter hot air. Replace any weather stripping worn or missing.
  • Keep the exhaust fans in the kitchen and the bathroom and running a few minutes after you’ve finished extracting the excess heat along with the steam.

Remember: some of these problems can be difficult to diagnose, and others may not be solved without professional help. If you see a problem, it is a good idea to start to look for a service of air-conditioning to local well-qualified and to get in touch with a technician. The summer months can be times occupied for the experts in air conditioning, so you may want to schedule an inspection in advance. A maintenance inspection every two years may also help to prevent problems.

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