PC Gaming Extravaganza Made Sneakers

What could be more extravagant than nitrogen-cooled gaming computers ? Perhaps just a pair of sneakers with a replica of the most desired component among PC gamers: the Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card .

The quirky article comes courtesy of Artifact Studios , a collective of PC Gaming enthusiasts dedicated to creating collectible and wearable items. His latest creation are these sneakers with a fan included and a small screen that apparently can be programmed to show different images.


& mdash; Artifact Studios (@RTFKTstudios) January 20, 2021

Frankly, they look more like a cosplayer's accessory than a comfortable pair of slippers. However, the collective does intervene commercial sneakers with designs from fashionable video games, such as Fall Guys , Among Us or references to the latest in the geek world, such as the terrible Cybertruck by Tesla .

But, apparently, at some point you will be able to buy them. According to Artifact Studios, there will be a collaboration with NZXT (a manufacturer of PC gaming products) "so that our community of creators can carry out their fashion pieces, collectibles and crazy ideas through their pieces and love for video games." Only they know for sure what that means, but they probably mean that through them you can buy the unique shoes.

Maybe you can use them and boast that you can play Cyberpunk 2077 with 4K graphics and ultra quality at 60 frames per second without having to do an optimization of more than five steps. Or maybe you just look at them and think that PC Gaming enthusiasts can always, always be a little quirkier.

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