Our first impressions of Fallout 76 Bethesda

Fallout 76 refresh the franchise without forgetting his roots.

Woke up to the sound of the voice of the supervisor on the intercom of the vault. “Good morning, Vault 76”. It was the Day of the Claim. It was time to open the vault and embark on the mission of rebuilding America. Taking our Pip-Boy, slowly, we headed to the entrance next to our peers.

We opened the door and, one by one, we went out into the world eerily quiet and seemingly empty. Then, we focus on finding the one person who could help us to understand the path to follow: the Overseer. All that stood in our way was a wasteland huge full of radiation, monsters, mutants and other humans blood-thirsty.

Sounds like an intense adventure. right?

During the event of Bethesda at The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, we had the opportunity to play Fallout 76. We tested a version of the game that we say is close to what players can expect with the next B. E. T. A.-What we played was not perfect, but it certainly was entertaining. Left us with the hope that the first game of Fallout online is faithful to the series, and a new unexpected experience.

A world that comes to life

Open-world games have a difficult relationship with the size. The developers don’t want their world to feel too small, but that apprehension has become a problem. Some recent games open world, like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, have created worlds that are so tedious and mass. However, it seems that Fallout 76 has found a good balance.

The addition of camps and multiplayer games online group (called C. A. M. P. s – Construction and Assembly Mobile Platforms) encourages exploration and makes strolling by the vast territory is something addictive. When you emerge for the first time on the surface of the earth, give you a goal to achieve: Find “Overseer”. She plays a pivotal role in guiding you through the main story, but you will find many opportunities for surprising events along your journey. That is what makes the world exciting.

There are many people, mutants and recordings with stories of survivors.

It is an experience volatile and addictive. There are many cities, mutant radioactive and holotapes, or recordings that are filled with stories of survivors past, but exploration is not without risks. The events of multiplayer scheduled to appear sporadically, and they invite all the survivors to abandon what they are doing and join them, and you never know what the outcome will be. Do you join other players to defeat the enemies, or the whole issue will turn into a massacre?

Although, the supply seemingly endless events and activities is not a problem, we do believe that it will generate gaps between story missions. The holotapes are recordings of past events that players can find in Fallout 76, and have the worst part of the story. Although you can access them again through your Pip-Boy, we are so consumed with everything else that I do not we remember them.

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Get ready to fight

Although the story does not occupy a central place, Fallout 76 feels like Fallout 4, especially in combat. The amount of times you shoot accidentally, and cause a rain of bullets from a robot sentry in the heat of the battle, gave us a feeling of nostalgia. However, shooting feels satisfying once you find a weapon that suits your play style.

V. A. T. S. now works in real time and continues to help the players to align shots for combat more effective. The system can be upgraded to be able to attack more areas of the enemies. With a few exceptions, players can fight with each other at any time, which increases the risk that the gamers experienced annihilate the newcomers.

During combat, Fallout 76 feels a lot like Fallout 4.

In order to avoid problematic situations, Bethesda decided that you must be level five before you can fight or be attacked by other players, and also sets up a system of rewards to help identify which players have killed others. The developers at the event explained that the killers will not be able to see the markers of other players on their own maps, and notified to the whole server, the reward which they have been granted. And no, you won’t lose all your items if a player is abusive to high-level attacks you and kills you. Death does not delay the progress of your character.

Survival is easier together

There is No doubt that Fallout 76 promotes team work. It is designed for teams of up to four players and, of course, your chances of survival are better together. However, you are never limited to follow with your group. You can always venture alone, and then travel fast to one of your team-mates, which proves to be a convenient feature and liberating.

jugamos fallout 76 hands on vault dwellers and teams

However, there are reasons to work with friends. Many of these can be found in the cards, Perk Cards, which can be upgraded up to three times and, at level three, you can share between your group. Thus, each member of the group can focus on improving different skills to bring different talents to the team. However, there are no defined classes in the game, so that you can combine skills to join your group.

There is No doubt that Fallout 76 promotes team work but you should not be all the time with your group.

There is No “friendly fire” in the game, so you don’t have to tiptoe around your teammates during a session of intense combat. However, this does not mean that you can’t kill your teammates. If one of the members of your group kills another player and gets a bounty on his head, this reward applies to all of your team.

Our Opinion

Fallout 76 almost feels like a lateral branching of Fallout 4, but has just the right amount of new features that transform it into your own game contemporary of Fallout. It is a landscape of exciting that don’t load with a linear storyline, and the game is sufficiently nostalgic to be more than happy to jump to Fallout 76 if you are already a fanatic of Fallout 4.

The highlight of our exhibit was, without a doubt, the multiplayer experience online that encourages the survivors to work together, and punish the players that abuse the PVP combat. In general, Fallout 76 of Bethesda is a big world that comes to life, with a combat-style family, and a new version of the group survival, which makes it a promising addition to the series. It is an intense adventure with a touch of nostalgia that will keep you captivated.

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