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On the legal problems of Tesla and the demand of Walmart

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Walmart joins the set of entities that are establishing claims legal against Tesla. But in this case it is not something related to their electric vehicles, but the accusations are focused on the solar panels installed on the roofs of their stores.

In effect, the demand of Walmart ensures that the solar panels Tesla caused fires in seven of its stores. This news comes after the manufacturer of electric cars based in California was impacted by three other important demands.

The fire destroyed goods and caused other damage worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, said the legal representatives of wal-Mart in the lawsuit filed in a New York court on Tuesday 20 August.


Tesla and Walmart issued a joint statement on Thursday, 22 August, in which they pledged to work together to solve the problems. However, despite the fact that the situation no longer looks as busiest, the spokesman for Walmart, Randy Hargrove, refused to comment on whether they planned to withdraw its lawsuit against Tesla.


In its initial indictment, the giant of the trade said that many of the problems “arose from a hasty and negligent installation of the systems” carried out since 2010 by SolarCity, the company of solar panels founded by two cousins of Elon Musk, and that Tesla acquired in 2016 by $2.6 billion ($2,600 million).

According to the documents, SolarCity would have installed solar panels at random and as fast as possible to earn profits, and contractors and subcontractors that performed work of original installation have been trained or supervised”.

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Walmart claims that the personnel deployed by Tesla to keep the solar modules lacked training and basic knowledge, and that some of the panels contained defects visible or easily identifiable with the proper use of the equipment standard. The lawsuit adds that the defects arose because Tesla had not inspected the sites or their inspection protocols were “sadly deficient”.

The lawsuit also describes the “dangerous practices of connection of cables” and claims that Tesla failed to keep adequate documentation on their work in the local Walmart.


The company wants Tesla to remove their solar panels of all their shops and to pay for the damages caused by the fire, in addition to other related costs. Ironically, the demand came the same week that Tesla launched a new plan of renting solar panels to homeowners in six states.

Directed to Tesla Energy Operations, which is part of the company led by billionaire Elon Musk, the demand for wal-Mart claims a breach of contract “derived from years of severe neglect”, as well as a breach of the standards of the industry with respect to the design, installation and maintenance of solar panels on the roofs of around 240 points of sale.


Lawyers for Tesla to keep busy in the coming months. In early August, the family of a motorist who died after his Model 3 crashed into a truck that showed a higher signal filed a lawsuit, against both the manufacturer and the at-fault driver. The sedan was traveling with the functionality AutoPilot at the time of the accident, but did not stop to avoid the collision.

Several days later, an angry owner’s took the company to court to prove that it issued a software update that limited the scope of conduct of the older vehicles in Model S and Model X at up to 40 miles. The plaintiff asserts that the brand took this measure to avoid a withdrawal expensive battery, as reported by Reuters. Tesla defended himself by saying that he sent another software update to fix the problem.

A third legal action points to Tesla for failing to comply with the guarantees of battery on used cars. The plaintiff, named Hugh Nguyen, said that its Model S 2014 used cost pass the 166 miles with a single charge, since that should be more than 200 miles. Tesla was required by the court after refusing to replace the battery, because it considered that the degradation was normal.

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