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It is about the baseball season, and if you’re a fan of the sport and of video games, surely you know that that also means the arrival of the next installment of the franchise , MLB The Show from Sony for the 2019. What is certain is that The Show has been consistently one of the best videogames, sports, due in large part to the dedication of Sony San Diego to make a series of changes each time comes a new edition, without being stuck in its past success and presenting new options that attract players new and old. By what we have seen until now, it is clear that Sony will continue their methodical approach to increase the realism in MLB The Show 19. When did you arrive? Is already at the gates: the launch of the game will be the 26th of march, on PlayStation 4. While you count the days, here you will find everything you need to know about MLB The Show 19.


mlb the show 19 everything we know about new features cover and more
As you can see in this picture, Bryce Harper is the athlete that was chosen to adorn the cover of this year. Harper recently signed a contract of 13 years for a value of $330 million dollars with the Philadelphia Phillies, which is a record in terms of value of overall contract in the history of MLB. On this basis, now Sony will now have to work against time to prepare the cover and have it ready for the launch. It will be interesting to see if the first impressions of the game show Harper with the team of Philadelphia Phillies, or if the situation will mirror what happened with the star of the cover of NBA 2K18, Kyrie Irving.


While the batsmen of the game have largely acted as their counterparts in real life for years, gardeners have not always been so accurate. That seems to be changing. We have created a plethora of new animations defensive for this purpose, although not all of the defensive players will have access to them. For example, the shortstop of the Cleveland Indians, Francisco Lindor, one of the best in his position, can cover more ground and make plays more difficult that other players are not known for their agility and their skills with the gloves. The top ten plays worthy of SportsCenter, as the shots jump or sweep may be attempted by any player, but MLB The Show 19 want to be realistic in the result, in accordance with the skill of a real player that represents.

The animation defensive will be most noticeable MLB The Show 19, and probably help to eliminate some of the frustration that is experienced in the field. The new animations automatically move an outfielder to the ball to make a play. This will be particularly important to the plays in the field, where it is often difficult to get a fast runner, that comes first. In total, it is said that there will be over 1,300 new animations in MLB The Show 19.

Take into account that this new approach in the field realistic means that, placing players in positions that normally do not play, will lead to more errors. That, of course, makes logical sense, but it also means that you will not be able to assemble a team full of players sloths left in the field, place them in any place indiscriminately, and expect excellent results.


mlb the show 19 everything we know about new features cover and more 2
During the first live broadcast of Sony’s streaming platform Twitch on MLB The Show 19, it was revealed that as the difficulty increases, the speed of release will increase. That means that if you play on a difficulty level dynamic, as improvements in the dish, you’ll also be competing with releases faster. This new feature seems to be aimed at those who believe that batting is easy even in the difficulty levels more advanced.


Until now, only the baseman Jimmie Foxx, and catcher Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, have been revealed as the new legends, but MLB The Show 19 will have more legends new never. Expected to be able to play as more than 30 new all-time great.


Road to the Show, the popular way to create a player, is receiving a large amount of adjustments in MLB The Show 19. For a start, when you create your player you’re not limited to a certain number of attribute points, so that, for example, if you want your player to have a 99 rating in every category of statistics, you can do it. Surely some fanatics are serious are not very happy with this, as it removes a large part of the character progression; those who have played Road to the Show know that it is often a long road to even become an average player. But now, it is available the option to speed up the process, if you prefer.

The pitchers (pitchers) will be categorized into three categories:

  • Plain Filthy – Pitchers who handle the ball well.
  • Flamethrower – Pitchers who throw the ball well.
  • Control Freak – Pitchers that focus on the location.

The players position will be categorized into five categories:

  • Pure Power – Hitters who can achieve home runs.
  • Small Ball – Handle the ball well.
  • Mr. Utility – Good players situational.
  • Rock Steady – a Solid game in any position.
  • The Anomaly – rare in his position (like Ken Griffey Jr. and Jose Ramirez).


MLB The Show 19 arrives on PlayStation 4 on march 26, 2019 with three editions separate. The standard edition ($ 60) has different bonuses for pre-booking depending on if you get a digital edition or physical.

To make a pre-order of the edition physical from GameStop, you will receive 10 packs of standard cards to Diamond Dynasty, pack a Gold player and a package of equipment that includes three items for Diamond Dynasty or Road to the Show. Pre-order the digital version from the PlayStation Store provides a version flashback of Bryce Harper MLB The Show 18, 10 standard packages, 5,000 stubs (in-game currency) and a package of Gold player.

An edition of MVP will also be available in both physical and digital versions for $70. The two bonuses of pre-reserava GameStop and PlayStation are the same as those of the regular editing. The difference between the physical and digital edition of MVP is that you get a carrying case with the edition physical. Both versions of the edition of the MVP come with 6,000 stubs, a package of choice of equipment, Prestige, a Diamond Flashback, a stadium classic, 10 standard packages and 30 custom avatars.

The exclusive edition from GameStop Gone Yard it costs $100 and comes with a baseball cap, a carrying case and more items in the game: 20 standard packages, 30 custom avatars, 15,000 stubs, a Diamond Flashback, a package of choice of equipment and a Prestige stadium classic.

*Article updated on march 25, 2019, by Estefania Oliver.

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