Now you can live the world of ‘Terminator’ in virtual reality

terminator experiencia realidad virtual rv

The company entertaining Spaces, offering an immersive experience of virtual reality , multi-sensory, opened the doors of its second location in San Jose, California. For this, the company joined Cinemark to give place to a new virtual reality centre in the theaters Century 20 Oakridge and XD.

This experience was defined as “the future of entertainment”, and visitors will be able to enjoy it into the world of Terminator, one of the action films most recognized, and which has maintained its popularity through the decades. This adventure multi-sensory, so-called “Terminator Salvation: Fight for the Future“, combines effects 4D, scan, facial, 3D, physical interaction, wind, sound, movement, and group games that you can enjoy at the same time with your friends, transformándote in a machine lethal.

“We invite all to see the first immersive experience of virtual reality of the area inside of a movie theater. This adventure mixed reality transports thrill seekers from our location, directly to the universe of the Terminator,” said James Meredith, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications. “At Cinemark, we are constantly innovating and improving the entertainment experience with new experiences, such as virtual reality, so that our guests can enjoy.”

Bringing into action the motto of Spaces that promises an experience in which you’ll be able to ‘go anywhere, do anything’, the entertainment destination in the Bay Area promises an incredible adventure shared virtual reality, where you can escape the daily routine and participate with your friends. “Terminator Salvation: Fight for the Future” is the first experience of VR-based films in the region.

The CEO of Spaces, Shiraz Akmal, he said that they have found that many people are trying virtual reality for the first time when they visit one of their centers. “It is a very comfortable and familiar, since it is a theater Cinemark. It is very easy and affordable to enter, play and see what it is about virtual reality”, he added.

Transforming places, as Cinemark in fields of digital gaming, Spaces, allows the participation of up to four people at a time, dipping them into the world of virtual reality and environmental effects, that can reach out and touch. In addition, participants have the possibility to interact between them, with feedback haptics, and be a part of the experience through a video you can share on social networks.

Tickets to “Terminator Salvation: Fight for the Future” are now available on its official site.

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