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Now you can add the song from the Addams Family to your phone or doorbell Ring

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If you are one of those who like to decorate their house for Halloween and get the kids to give them candy, now you can add a new touch to the celebration. If you have a ring smart Ring, it is possible to add a tone Chime of the catchy tune of The Addams Family, which comes to celebrate the new movie The Addams Family that is already on the big screen since the 11th of October.

To use this function you first have to enable it in the systems that use Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro (extenders Wifi enabled for your Ring Video Doorbell), but there is also a version in the app to your notification Ring on your phone. When activated, the Ring Chime -or your phone – play the classic song from the Addams family instead of a tone, complete with the clicking sounds of fingers, as can be seen in a fun video with the stars of the film, and other public figures.

How to program the new doorbell from the Addams Family into your Ring

To get the new ring, you just have to choose it in the application. To do this, open the app Ring and tap the image of your stamp on the dashboard of the application. Then, choose Chime Tones. You will see a list of new tones for your devices. Choose the ringtone Addams Family, saves the new configuration, and that is all! The next time someone ring the bell of your door, you will hear the song of the Addams Family.

How to program the song from the Addams Family to notifications on your phone

If you do not have a Chime and Chime Pro, you can configure the notifications of your phone with the song from Addams Family, through the application of Ring. To do this, open the application and choose your device on the board. Then, tap the App Alert Tones to choose tones alert in the menu. From there, scroll through the tones until you find the option of Addams Family. Select it and tap the Back button to save your selection. Now, your app will play the song from the Addams Family instead of a tone, or notification of voice.

If you get tired of hearing the same clicking sounds of fingers again and again, you can reverse the process and return to some other melody to your notifications. The new tone of the Addams Family is available from now until the end of November.

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