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Not only is phones! OnePlus surprises announcing a smart tv

OnePlus, the company best known for its smartphones with high specifications and competitive prices, has announced that it will develop a smart tv. The new product will be created by a separate division, which will run in parallel to the division telephone, and will also be directed by the CEO and founder Pete Lau.

In a press release, Lau described the current televisions as “conventional and tedious”, and though it did not give specific details about the plans of the company, spoke of the difficulty with which certain functions are still carried out in a television, such as, for example, show photos of a phone on the big screen. He also mentions the artificial intelligence, giving to understand that the tv of OnePlus will be a device fully connected and easy-to-use, that will learn from us based on the way in which we use it.

While it is true that the brand OnePlus is seen more often on smartphones, the company has produced a variety of complementary products over the years, ranging from the excellent wireless headphones OnePlus Bullets to a series of backpacks to be very well designed and other apparel. The own Lau has experience in the products of home theater, since she worked in the division of Blu-ray players in Oppo Electronics before moving on to smart phones.

What are the reasons to be excited about a tv OnePlus? If the division in charge of this project is executed in the same way that its department of smart phones, we can expect products with the modern features of today, but without functions superfluous that no one uses, and at a reasonable price.

For those who don’t know about the phones of this company, the smartphone OnePlus 6 challenges to the phones flagship Samsung and LG with similar features, but has a price of $530 dollars, significantly less than their competitors. Despite the difference of price, the OnePlus 6 looks and feels as expensive and premium as those that cost $900 dollars or more.

In addition, OnePlus uses Android as operating system in their phones, but improves it with a user interface called OxygenOS, which is simple,easy to use and attractive. Phones OnePlus are also updated regularly; every six months it releases a new version, which enables us to offer always the latest technology. In addition, since it began to manufacture phones in 2014, design is an area where OnePlus has improved considerably.

Outside of the technical achievements of the company, also has a base, committed, followers, who probably will take the opportunity to have another product OnePlus in their homes as soon as the new tv is available. Until the moment have not been given information about when will the tv OnePlus TV, but the OnePlus 6T, the next smartphone of the company, will be launched in October this year.

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