Not only is phones! Intel will bring 5G high-speed computers

intel mediatek 5g computadoras
As networks ultra-fast 5G continue to spring up in various cities, the two companies want to ensure that they are not only the smart phones that will take advantage of this technology. Intel and Mediatek are jointly developing a solution for high-speed connectivity 5G for the PC to allow the laptop computers also have access to the Internet super fast.

The role of Intel will be to define the requirements for a solution, 5G in the computer environment modern, while Mediatek will be responsible for the development and manufacture of the modem, which will deliver connectivity to 5G on the laptops.

The arrival of the connectivity 5G in the next few years has great potential not only means a better communication through portable devices. Includes enable autonomous vehicles more intelligent and more communicative, improve the options for remote control of heavy machinery, and improve the health care are interconnected, among many other potential benefits. Not to mention the data connections faster for the mobile user average, in some cases up to 100Mbps.

But to take advantage of all the benefits you require devices that support 5G, and when it comes to connecting users laptops to the fastest speeds possible away from Wifi networks, that means that you need a modem 5G. This is where comes into play the partnership of Intel and Mediatek.

“Our modem 5G for PC, developed in collaboration with Intel, it is essential to make that 5G is accessible and available on mobile platforms and home. 5G will mark the beginning of the next era of computing experience, and personal work with Intel, an industry leader in information technology, highlights the experience of MediaTek in the design of technology 5G for the global markets. With this partnership, consumers will be able to surf, stream and play faster on their PC, but we also hope to innovate with 5G in ways that we have not yet imagined,” said the president of MediaTek, Joe Chen.

The two companies will collaborate not only in the development of the hardware to make it possible for the connectivity 5G in laptops, but that is to be matched in its certification and ongoing support. Intel will also provide “optimization and validation” throughout the platform, developing controls and other add-on software, and will help its oem partners to integrate the new technology into their hardware.

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