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Nobi, the ceiling lamp that cares for the elderly

It is not as versatile as the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed multifunction bed, but it also offers many functions and is further proof that the furniture and other objects in your house are getting smart thanks to technology: the Nobi lamp seems very normal to At first glance, it resembles the conventional ones. However, it is loaded with motion and infrared sensors capable of detecting if an elderly person gets out of bed and even if they fall in the room.

Shown at CES 2021 and developed by a Belgian startup , Nobi fulfills its usual function of lighting a room but intelligently based on the movements of the elderly person. It is activated automatically when it detects that you are getting out of bed to go to the bathroom and lights the way. It recognizes if she wakes up at night and is activated with a dim light so as not to dazzle her. And the best: using artificial intelligence it detects falls and sends alerts and even images to caregivers to receive help quickly. It also allows two-way communication, that is, talking to the person who has fallen, as well as preventing these types of incidents with reminders and activity monitoring. In summer, Nobi encourages you to drink water to stay well hydrated.

“Nobi constantly monitors the air quality. It will warn the inhabitant when the CO 2 values are too high for them to open the windows ”, explains the company. And not only that, it also performs surveillance functions: it detects smoke and warns if an intruder enters the bedroom with a mobile phone message to the family, or if the windows are broken. It can be connected to smart locks to automatically open the door for the caregiver to enter.

This smart lamp will begin shipping at the end of 2021, with a price starting at 2,490 euros (about $ 3,020) and requires a subscription of 19 euros per month. It is also possible to rent it for 119 euros per month.

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