Nintendo reveals Pokémon legendary in ‘Let’s go Pikachu!’ to Switch

The Pokémon Company confirmed some months ago that Let’s Go Pikachu! and Let’s Go Eeevee! would the Nintendo Switch the 16 of November. Video games are inspired clearly in the popular game for mobile devices, Pokémon Go, and it seems that they were created to connect directly with that experience.

Revealed during a special press conference in Tokyo, the two new games of Pokémon were developed by Game Freak, and aim to bring the Nintendo Switch the same playful exploration that is experienced in the mobile game Pokémon Go.

And it was precisely through the game of augmented reality for mobile phones that revealed the existence of a new Pokemon legendary. The official Pokémon YouTube revealed how the creature Meltan will appear in the video game. According to the press release, the Pokémon Go is key to find Meltan in the games for the Switch, but the company has not revealed more about this integration in order to find Meltan. Meltan is a “new species” of Pokémon, and all indications are that it will need a special task force of research in the video game to find it.

“The majority of the body of Meltan is made of liquid metal and its shape is very smooth. You can use your arms and legs in the liquid to corrode metal and absorb it into his own body. Meltan generates electricity by using the metal that absorbs from outside sources. Use this electricity as a source of energy and as a form of attack through your eye. It is clearly a curious Pokémon that is very expressive and shows interest in all kinds of things,” says the company statement.

In the first trailer of the video game for the Nintendo Switch, we see a “trainer” running around an environment completely in 3D with Pikachu at his side, such as when Pokémon Yellow came to light almost two decades ago. However, the graphic style and the selection of monsters appear to be closely related, and even identical, to the mobile version.

Speaking of Pokémon Go, the two games will be interconnected. That means that you can send your monsters mobile from the Kanto region to your Switch, and you can also send gifts to Pokémon Go from your console. The trailer did not specify the gifts, aside from “Pokémon special”.

You just need a control Joy-With to play, and when you’re ready to capture a new creature, all you have to do is rotate the controller forward as if it was a Poké Ball. Your friends can enter the game to explore next to you with a second control Joy-With, and you can even throw two Poké Balls simultaneously, which will be combined to create a bigger and more effective. The co-op battles also seem to be in the game, although they only appear for a few seconds in the trailer.

You can also use the new accessory Poké Ball Plus. After you launch it and capture your target, you’ll hear the Pokémon that cazaste through a speaker in the device, and then you’ll be able to bring the Pokémon with you and show it to your friends. The Poké Ball Plus is also able to connect to the game Pokémon Go to phones.

The launch for the Nintendo Switch the games Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! will be made on the 16 of November of this year, along with the new device Poké Ball Plus.

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