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More than a war of streaming services, it is a battle of content

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When came the first rumors of the platform of video streaming to Apple, owners of the press were in the sense that the californian company is preparing to launch its own Netflix”, the same thing happened with everything connected with the service of Disney: “The firm is getting ready to launch their own Netflix’”. No more, because this November, arriving officially Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus with the intention that his name resonates in the mind of the customers, but the challenge is not simple.

Netflix set the standard in the segment, we must recognize it, because not only was commissioned to improve the foundations to deliver a satisfying experience on practically any compatible electronic, but opted to create their own content. The essence of the company, of Los Gatos, California, could not be understood without Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Stranger Things and, more locally, The casa de las flores (Mexico) and Las chicas del cable (Spain).

Already a mature technology for delivering video streaming in the living room of the homes of the world, the challenge that is presented especially for Apple TV Plus is to create productions that are at the head of their clients; their first efforts are in series as well as The Morning Show, See , and Dickinson. And will not stop in this purpose: promised original content new every month; yes, it has a long way to go to reach Netflix and Disney Plus.

Yes, the platform of Disney is also working to forced marches in original content, but part of franchises that are already more than consolidated among the public, such as Star Wars and Marvel. Obviously, you also have ready the cartoons that marked generations, such as Cinderella, lady and The tramp, and Pinocchio (for those who have about three hours free, the firm published a full length video with all that Disney+ offers). Productions of classical and accomplishments new from large properties, it does not sound bad.

Fight for subscribers

The point of reference to know the health of the market of streaming, for now, it is still Netflix, and it is certain that it continues to lose subscribers. In its latest financial report, the company said that it added only 6.8 million members in the third quarter of 2019, instead of the 7 million that was expected, and fail to see a measure that in 2016, it was unthinkable.

Three years ago, the company was not worried by the fact that its subscribers share their password: it was something I had to learn to live, said at the time, Reed Hasting, the head of the firm. Now, in the emergence of Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus, Netflix said that it plans to monitor the accounts that are sharing their credentials with third parties, and will present measures to reduce this practice.

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So, now, more than ever, it becomes determinant for the services of streaming have, to the extent possible, users of “real world”, to pay for the service and not enjoy it by third parties. In this sense, Apple TV Plus thinks that the border has to be the home and from the outset lets see that one of your subscriptions can be enjoyed by up to six family members.

In addition to the content, every extra that offer the platforms will make a difference to attract new customers. Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus they are in the market with prices that could be considered low, $4.99 and $6.99 per month, respectively, and in addition the first offers a year of service at no cost in the purchase of a new iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or Apple TV (the media player).

Apple TV+ gratis

If you want to see as a benefit, Netflix does not rule out to bring your mode exclusive to cell phones to more countries. The launched in India with an approximate cost of $3 dollars in July of 2019, with the possibility of enjoying content on a single phone at a time and with quality standard.

Now that the offer is extended more, it is a fact that not all users are going to pay for all the proposed streaming. Perhaps you will enjoy the free trial period is offered and, from your experience, make a decision.

By 2020, decisive year

The content, as stated at the beginning of this article, it will be a differentiator to opt for one or another platform of streaming, and the companies are putting all their machinery to work in this direction. Netflix and Disney+ have a significant advantage, due to his experience, but Apple, as it has shown with their cell phones, and services, often create “objects of desire”, and with Apple TV Plus presents one more accessible to all and outside of its ecosystem of products (which you can also access the same for Amazon Fire TV, Roku and various smart tvs, for example).

About to end 2019, the next year will be decisive for profiling the competitors in the market of streaming. So soon, which was appreciated as the end user is that they can cover virtually any demand entertainment with the press of a button on the remote control.

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