Microsoft released start menu revamped in Windows 10

After long time of rumors, finally Microsoft has shared official images of the new start menu of Windows 10, which should be available this 2020.

Although we do not yet know the official date it will arrive this improvement, through a publication of Facebook the company showed how it will be the final design for the option.

In filtering, one can see that the boxes of information are still present within the new start menu the company, but apparently there will be the possibility to turn them off.

On the other hand, in the images you can see a different design, and cleaner than the current one, which will have as an option added to be compatible with the dark mode.

All of these changes made by the company are based on the Fluent Design, a design system of Microsoft that is intended to be applied throughout the operating system.

Microsoft estrenará menú de inicio renovado en Windows 10

This renewal of style came to the company after the presentation of Windows 10, operating system that will give life to the devices with a dual-screen, as the Tablet Surface Neo, which appeared in the market at the end of 2019.

However, the company is also putting its efforts on improving the operating system on the devices screen.

If we compare the version of Windows 10 that went on the market in 2015 with the current one, the last looks quite different, as you have applied updates in the icons, start menu and other more.

With regard to the release date, the company was unwilling to move on anything, but this should occur eventually in the next few months to continue to improve the design of the system after various complaints from users that are dragged for years.

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