Microsoft presents Pulse Red, new Xbox Series X controller

Microsoft announced a new controller model for the Xbox One Series X and S: Pulse Red.

The remote features a two-color design dominated by red on the front and white on the back. The buttons are black and the levers stand out for their red coating.

Full view of the Xbox Series X / S Pulse Red controller

The new model joins the Carbon Black, Robot White and Shock Blue variants, which are part of the control catalog for the Xbox Series X and S.

The presentation of the new model occurred on Twitter, where the director of marketing for Xbox in the United Kingdom published a video that shows in detail the Pulse Red controller.

We're excited to introduce the latest design in the new generation of controllers, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Pulse Red

Shipping Feb 9th

& mdash; Samuel Bateman (@samuelofc) January 11, 2021

Although the controller is part of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console models, it is compatible with Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Windows 10 computers, and Android and iOS devices , where it can be used in compatible Google titles Play and the App Store, and also in the games in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, which can be played on mobile devices.

In addition to its design, the control features textured bumpers and triggers, a hybrid directional pad , a Bluetooth connection, and the option to configure button uses.

The controller will be available on February 9 for $ 64.99, making it the most expensive controller in the Xbox One Series X and S line so far.

Previous models have prices that range from $ 49.99 (Carbon Black and Robot White) to $ 54.99 (Shock Blue).

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