Microsoft introduces new versions of Edge and Bing

microsoft presenta sus nuevos edge y bing new head

Both private and professional, we all begin to familiarize ourselves with the internet in the early 90’s (some before, of course, but they were not the majority). Since then, searches in the web went from being innovative and mind-boggling resources to a few common and essential tools of information, so much so that today no one conceives of a place of work without a search engine to hand, and not to mention the omnipresence of the emails.

The years have gone by and the decades, and we already know very well what is the great technology they are able to do, so that we no longer need that take us by surprise with too much pyrotechnics cyber. Today, at the end of 2019, what you want is something effective and simple. We don’t need to every request we bombardeen with hundreds of icons and flashing lights (we already know that it can give billions of options in less than a second). We want screens clean, with clear symbols and obvious. We don’t want to hear about learning curves: we simply begin to use, and realize shortly after, that we have already learned. As to simply open a screen and start writing.

We were with the corporate vice president of Modern Life of Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi, and corporate vice president of Artificial Intelligence and Research of the firm, Jordi Ribas, and we were able to see first hand and in exclusive the new browser and search engine to the leading company in the software will be available to the companies. The guidelines are clear: everything must be at hand. Everything should be easy to find.

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“In our mission to empower people with Microsoft 365, a critical situation is the internet. We know that 60% of the time that people spend in front of the PC they do it by using the web browser, which has become the main form of work, learn and play,” said Mehdi.

Indeed, the internet is now an everyday tool, to which we hand automatically, almost without thinking. However, two decades after its introduction, there are still challenges and obstacles that pose not a few questions: how secure is our data and our privacy while we surf the web? In our work, why can’t we find the inside information of our company, as our paycheck or information about our peers? And even more: why the web cannot be accommodated and function well with the productivity tools that we know –such as Office 365– to make it more productive our searches?

In Microsoft they think that it is time to “get more juice” to the web experience, whether you’re using a personal level or business, whether you’re a manager IT in a company or a web developer. In other words: browse, search, work and be productive to 100 percent. The new Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Bing –browser and search engine for companies– are confident of being able to achieve it. By the way: out of a time that “and” reminiscent of Intrnet Explorer, obsolete and contrary to the current definition of efficiency.

How can I be more productive? Stopping in the middle of the maelstrom and looking at what are the uses, the tools and the problems: “we will Join the internet with your intranet in the Microsoft Bing so that you can access increasingly your important data in a single search experience. In addition, we will provide a powerful privacy protection by default, while we allow you to benefit from the personalization web. And we will allow you to spend an excellent research web directly to Microsoft Office applications, so you can be more productive.”

This is a unique opportunity to empower people and make them more productive. And we know very well that “productivity” does not mean working harder, but better. One of the biggest problems for people at work is the difficulty (ridiculous, many times) that there is to find and access the corporate information that is known to exist in company intranets. The irony is that it is easier to find similar information in an Internet much, much bigger than to find a simple document on the intranet of your company, as a receipt of payment, the pet policy at your place of work or the location of the office of a colleague. As the information of the company continues to expand to terabytes, petabytes, and zettabytes of information, this will only get more complex.

What actual data? A report by McKinsey & Company has shown that the employees of many companies will lose almost 20 percent of their time looking for information that they “know that it is there, somewhere”. In other words, we speak of a whole day a week that could be recovered, either to be more productive or have more time with the family.

To help individuals and IT professionals to have a greater control, security and productivity, Microsoft presents today, Monday, November 4, the initial version of the new Microsoft Edge for Windows and macOS which you can download right now with general availability targeted to the 15 of January in more than 90 languages. Very significant is the fact that Microsoft Edge running on the same web engine Chromium the Chrome browser of Google, by offering the best compatibility and performance with web.

In addition, along with three ecosystem partners (Accenture, BA Insight and Raytion), Microsoft today begins its preview program connectors Microsoft Graph. This extends the reach of Microsoft Search for Microsoft customers 365, with the addition of more than 100 connectors, including, ServiceNow, Box and more, that will be available in the first half of 2020. The connectors provide more information to employees through Microsoft Search.

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Of course, also you can easily access to Microsoft Search in Bing on mobile phones. The workers will have the ability to search for company information on the fly. In addition, with SmartScreen and its system of prevention of tracking, Microsoft will protect their customers from phishing, malicious software, and new types of malware as the criptojacking. The Microsoft Edge, and Bing now also offer a new mode InPrivate.

In summary: today marks an important milestone –beyond a change of logo– which prefigures the formal launch of the Microsoft Edge, and Bing for their commercial customers in January. As we enter the new year, we will be sharing more on how to expand the opportunities for developers, and later in the spring even more for consumers.

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