Microsoft Edge gave a great jump in the ranking of browsers

With the rise of mobile telephony, desktop browsers passed to a second plane some time ago, however, remain essential in the day to day work of millions of people in the world, more now in a time in which one works and studies from home.

What is certain is that the specialized site BleepingComputer gave a list of browsers for desktop most used during the past few months.

And the almost only major revelation of the study is that “while Google Chrome is still much higher than all the other browsers combined with a market share of 68.5%, for the first time, the desktop version of Microsoft Edge has overtaken Mozilla’s Firefox in market share”.

A situation that at least in the beginning didn’t have much grip, as it is understood that the people Firefox was the main competitor of Chrome and not only on desktop computers but also on mobile devices.

According to the research: “In march of 2019, NetMarketShare records the popularity of Mozilla Firefox in 9.27%, but throughout the year the browser has been losing market share slowly, as they reached the 7.19% in march 2020. Microsoft Edge, on the other hand, had a market share of 5,20% in march 2019 and ended a run of 12 months to 7,59%, 0,40% more than Mozilla Firefox”.

What it reveals to us the detail of this study, published in BleepingComputer:

  • Chrome 68.50%
  • Edge 7.59%
  • Firefox 7. 19%
  • Internet Explorer 5.60%
  • Safari 3. 62%
  • QQ 2.41%
  • Sogou Explorer 1.88%
  • Opera 1.14%
  • Yandex 1.01%
  • Browser UC 0.42%

There are two important conclusions that emerge from the market research and that can be transformed into a trend:

  1. With Microsoft Edge now based on Chromium, obtained the advantage of being able to use all the extensions available in the web store of Google Chrome and also increases its compatibility and performance to the same level as Google Chrome.
  2. As Windows 10 is running on a billion devices and the new Microsoft Edge will soon be launched to all of them through Windows Update, we should expect that Edge will continue to outpace Firefox as it eats the market share of Google Chrome.

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