Microsoft add in Word detector plagiarism

Microsoft announced the arrival of its Word program, a system that will work to detect plagiarism, which will be based on search technology, Bing.

As reported by the company, the verifier of similarities has the ultimate goal of decreasing the amount of information that is not cited and to increase the originality of the texts created by the users.

The tool can already be tested by users that have Office 365, but if you don’t have it enabled you can that improvement come in the next few weeks.

In the words of Mike Tholfsem senior manager in the Microsoft Education “this can help the writers to focus less on the mechanics of writing and to give more emphasis to the quality of the content”.

The tool will automatically work when the person is writing, because while you are doing this process the system will be by constantly detecting all the parts that are coincident with other Internet pages.

Microsoft añade en Word un detector de plagio basado a Bing

When the mechanism detects any abnormality, it will alert the user and offer the option of adding the applicable appointment, following a series of simple steps.

If Word detects blocks of text that match more than 40 words, it will automatically activate the validator and add quotation marks to the phrase, in addition to providing the link to the original where does the information come from, to be quoted.

The search engine Bing will be constantly verifying the handwriting of the user, thanks to the artificial intelligence with this technology the company.

However, the option to quote the phrases will be at the option of the person, and in the case that you do not want to do it, you can delete it.

It is expected that the mechanism will be released this month of July for Word in English, but it is expected that for the rest of languages to be incorporated before the end of the year.

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